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Author Topic: Ultracabs, Ultimarc,, Zip Posters. (UK)  (Read 5852 times)

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Ultracabs, Ultimarc,, Zip Posters. (UK)
« on: February 14, 2013, 05:44:53 pm »
A 4 in one review :) All except T-Molding are UK Based.

I Found this company on Ebay when looking for the cheapest possible solution to build an arcade. I Purchased a joystick and button combo along with a xin-mo board.  I gotta say that what I got was well worth what I paid for it.  2 Joysticks 16 Buttons and a control board for 40 They arrived promptly, well packaged, They were lacking any documentation but a bit of online hunting and I had the pin layout I needed. The buttons were not to my liking and whilst Zippy's were fine in Fighters they took a lot of effort to swap from 4/8 way and just felt a bit loose.

Ultimarc, No real need for introductions :)  I ordered a pair of MagStick Plus joysticks and a bunch of buttons.  These arrived pretty promptly although the delivery company managed to lose a button. A quick email to Andy and it was all resolved.  Gotta say that IMHO these joysticks are infinitely better then the zippy's. Nice short throw, quick, responsive. 2 seconds is all it takes to swap from 4/8 way.  The buttons are also more like what I am used to. I went with the Standard IL Pushbuttons and they make a huge difference in gameplay.  If I need further arcade related components I think I will head to Ultimarc first.  Well just to update this review.  Ultimarc customer service = 1st class  :notworthy: :notworthy:  I have had a few issues with the Magstick Plus joystic and Andy has been nothing except courteous, fast and willing to resolve the issue regardless.  Thumbs up from me all round.
40Ft Red T-molding & 1 x slot cutter.
I can't fault the company, Order was shipped out the day after I placed the order. Unfortunately UK customs/Royal mail Handling kind of ruined my experience.  To all intents the Slot cutter and T-Mold are just how you would expect so if you are in the US I would recommend them thoroughly.  If you are in the UK expect delivery to be about 3 weeks, expect Royal mail to charge you a premium for the pleasure of receiving the item. Oh yes you thought that the $20 delivery charge would cover it didn't you. Well no it doesn't. Because Richard is an honest businessman he fills out the relevant form and puts it on the item.  It arrives in the UK, It goes to the Royal Mail, they work out the customs fee, then they add a handling fee (Which in my case for a box that weighs less then 1KG 8) they then add a surcharge on top of this.   I wouldn't mind paying so much if it was delivered the day after it arrives in country, but 3 weeks  :banghead:


I found these guys online when I was looking for somewhere to get some cheap artwork printed. I got a complete set of Bartop side art, marquee and control panel for about 70 (Make sure that you get your artwork all together so it can be all printed on 1 continual sheet to keep costs down).  It arrived rolled up in a good quality poster tube.  Delivery time was massively impressive in that it was ready and with me in 3 days (and in the case of the replacement Control panel art 2). There was one order that took 10 Days but as their printer had broken down and the repairman couldn't fix it I won't hold that against them.  :lol I gotta say that as coverings go the vinyl here is pretty good, It's quite thin so I wouldn't recommend using it on anything that is going to require it stretching etc.  Also Being High-tac I am going to have to be careful with the applying.  I guess I am going to get 1 shot at getting it right.  They do a lo-tac that may be more forgiving, but I want my oversize sticker to stay stuck. Because it is really meant for Signs and not the application I am using it for it has no lamination and it may scratch, but it is waterproof and seems to wipe down easily enough.  I figure "What the heck, its worth it just to save me from having bare mdf sides on my machine".


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Re: Ultracabs, Ultimarc,, Zip Posters. (UK)
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2013, 02:27:25 pm » do a whole range of T-Mold in the uk. :cheers:


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Re: Ultracabs, Ultimarc,, Zip Posters. (UK)
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2013, 04:13:28 am »
Couple of things worth noting:

1) is the only place to get the textured stuff as far as I can tell.
2) Even with shipping and VAT/Royal Mail charge it works out about half the price to buy from the US vs UK (if you buy 80 feet).

That said, I have bought from Arcade World as well and can't fault the service.


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Re: Ultracabs, Ultimarc,, Zip Posters. (UK)
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2013, 04:26:09 pm »
I know this is an old(ish) thread but thought I'd add to it with my recent experiences.

I bought from Ultracabs recently. It was a very small order for some control panel latches. Goods arrived in a reasonable time, but not really quick. No other issues and the goods were well packed and worked a treat. I would deal with them again no problems.

Ultimarc have always been A+ for me. Super fast deliveries.

I just bought some T-Molding from It was the textured stuff and as Minwah mentioned I looked high and low for it here in the UK or Europe. Couldn't find it from anywhere but them. I found the price to be very cheap and the shipping price cheap too. Once here in the UK it simply got delivered to my door with no customs charges or clearance etc.

I think it can be very random as to whether you get charged with these things from the States. I recently bought some vinyl to trim a project with from Quarter Arcade and I got whacked with customs duties, taxes and clearance at this side. Same thing happened when I bought the yoke from RAM Controls.

But from Game on Graphics, Eldorado Games and I just received my goods with no rip off costs. And I'm not criticising anyone here.... I really think it's random as to whether you get hit or not.

Oh and the T-Molding from is excellent. The barb is the correct size and fits lovely. I've bought T-molding here in the UK (plain black stuff) and it was hellish to install as the barb was bigger than stated and the barb would tend to tear away from the strip itself! T-Molding is not the same from everywhere!