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Author Topic: I'm just going to build it.  (Read 1044 times)

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I'm just going to build it.
« on: July 23, 2002, 11:40:19 am »
I'm Tired of screwing around with this.  I can't get my Geforce 2 working well and I am tired of skrewing around with these incredably difficult Frontends.  

I Have a JPac and all the things needed to plug into (e.g Jamma harness, Arcade Monitor, Cabinet).  What I want to know is what are the recomended easiest components to build a PC that will run some of the newer Neo Geo games and work with windows displayed on my monitor?

Pretty much what video card has great native 15.75 video out put that will be able to run that out put even in windows (It will just be that much easier).  I would like to avoid spending over $50 for the video card, but would be willing to.  If you have a site that seels them that would be great.

Also what is a good speed PC to run some of the later games smoothly (like KOF'99).  I was thinking that 1Ghz would do it well but If I could go less that would be great.  

I am Tired of trying to get my current PC to work and Have been working on it for over 5 months (And building the cab for almost 2 years After the Jamma worked I then moved to MAME).  It is not like I dont know what I am doing I am just trying a different route.

If I dident get input on this I would probably just build a Athalon 1.1Ghz with an ATI or Trident Video card, but I am looking for what people have actually used and has it working for them (I no longer want to be the pioneer on this one I want to follow)  

P.S. How much ram would you recomend (for the video card and DDR)  I was thinking that 64 for the Video card and 128 DDR would be efficient.

Thanks in Advance