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Started by purbeast - Last post by flybynight

I'd get everything work with normal groovymame first following the guides.

Then go back to hyperspin. I can tell you it all works fine once set up.

Most likely you will need to copy in your working mame.ini file to the hyperspin mame module folder. Hyperspin is odd in that it copies in the ini file in on the fly when running the game. It can be set to keep different ini files for each game type. E.g you start a naomi driving game it will use a different demul ini file to when you start a naoimi gun game. It's programmed into the module code for the machine

32   GroovyMAME / Re: Crt emudrivers adrenalin update neededon Yesterday at 06:22:25 pm

Started by xbrunox - Last post by flybynight

I have no speed issues with super model and the standard calamity drivers.

Here is what I do

Windows 10 (latest version)
Tri sync crt auto switching
Manually add modelines for 496◊384 (model 3 medium resolution)
Run super model passing the 496◊384 resolution parameter. The crt switches to medium resolution and the games play fine. Arcade perfection!

You do the same thing with the m2 emulator. Set the resolution in the m2 config file to 496◊384

33   GroovyMAME / GroovyMAME input lag is still faster than MAMEon Yesterday at 05:50:51 pm

Started by flybynight - Last post by flybynight

I was doing some input lag tests and need some help from the experts here.

As far as I was aware, all the GroovyMAME input lag improvements were back ported to MAME several months ago. Am I correct in saying that stock MAME should now have the same input-lag as stock GroovyMAME?

In my tests stock MAME is actually 1 frame slower than stock GM.

I know the Frame Delay feature is exclusive to GM and improves input lag even more. (I measure an extra 1 frame improvement with Frame Delay set to 6).

Here is what I have measured:



GROOVYMAME with FRAMEDELAY 6: 6 FRAMES (no improvement?)

GROOVYMAME with DEFAULTS: 4 FRAMES (two frame improvement over MAME?)
GROOVYMAME with FRAMEDELAY 6: 3 FRAMES (this is faster than the PCB and MISTER...)

Definitely GM input lag is still faster than MAME by at least 1 frame and 2 frames with "frame delay 6". Are there more code changes that could be back ported to put MAME on par with GM?

Started by Substring - Last post by edomatic

Ok thanks, i will give that a try hoping i donít have to go there 😉

Started by JayBee - Last post by BlueGhost

Will Gun4IR work on a secondary monitors? Or does it need to be used with the primary monitor?

I'm building a virtual pinball machine, and think the backglass monitor would work good for shooting games.  But the VP software requires the playfield to be the primary monitor.

Started by Substring - Last post by Substring

Hi Substring,

If i change my graphics card in groovyarcade 2022 from hd5450 to an R9 270x, do i need to re-install for this change in hardware to take effect?

PS: I do own an astro city as well, and i have the same issue of overscan there, meaning i had to scale for one of the biggest overscan game ( R-type) to make all the games fit the screen more or less. That also means R-type is the only full screen game, the rest has some black bars top and bottom. You could also choose the opposite approach and scale overscan for some resolution "in between" but in the end you never get all horizontal games full screen due to this unless you manually change the vertical and horizontal pots on your arcade screen (like i can do but dont do on my astro) and like i do in geometry-menu on my TV.

I do realize that this seems to be the trade-off we got to live with, i was just wondering how the rest of us are handling this

Big eternal kudos to you and all who contribute to this! this distro really is a gamechanger! :applaud:

no need to reinstall, but you may have to edit the kernel command line to fix the connector name

Started by purbeast - Last post by purbeast

delete your mame.ini file and recreate it from groovyMAME though
I already had an ini file in my GroovyMAME directory.  Was that because I ran it before already? 

Should I delete it and then let it create it's own when I open GroovyMAME once hooked up to the CRT?

38   Merit/JVL Touchscreen / Re: Firefly eBay findon Yesterday at 07:16:59 am

Started by Megatouchmike - Last post by Megatouchmike

Yes they were sold to restaurants. Meant to take with you to your table. Neat little machines, only very few were made

39   Merit/JVL Touchscreen / Re: Firefly eBay findon Yesterday at 12:43:13 am

Started by Megatouchmike - Last post by game_nerd

really cool, I've never seen or heard of a megatouch firefly.
Where were they sold? I'm guessing restaurants or the like?

Cool find and repair, regardless.

40   Software Forum / Re: Definitive 4-way vertical liston Yesterday at 12:11:49 am

Started by paigeoliver - Last post by abispac

Guess this is a longshot going back in the stable of dead horses, but did any easy way to filter 4-way joystick ever saw the day of light?
Want to have my 4-way + 2-way games (both horisontal and vertical) automated upon launch, but cant find a good way to do this  :dizzy:
Romlister is a great tool for that, i made a similar list for hyperspin with that.  Together with the old jeepguy81 files, makes it for a nice vertical front end.

Just change the txt extention to xml if you wanna use it.
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