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1   Arcade1Up / Re: Bartop Mod - Universal LVDS adapteron Today at 02:29:23 pm

Started by negative1 - Last post by newmanfamilyvlogs

I'd also be curious to hear from other that have worked with these.
I've got an older 50" Changhong tv that had a failed controller board. I purchased two different universal controllers and haven't been able to get it to work yet. I suspect the problem is with selecting the proper LVDS cable, since there seems to be several standards.

There are quite a few videos on youtube of various individuals demonstrating how to use them. Typically it looks like after getting the proper LVDS->Panel connector, you have to flash the board with the proper firmware for the resolution and driving voltage of the panel, and then some minor tweaking with the remote after entering a service mode, so make sure whatever you get has the controller board and/or a remote with it.

2   Arcade1Up / Bartop Mod - Universal LVDS adapteron Today at 01:24:48 pm

Started by negative1 - Last post by negative1

Started by nitrogen_widget - Last post by pbj

Goodwill appears to list everything of any potential value on their auction site.  I've been in a couple of the store fronts recently and it's like going to a really lame garage sale.

Started by saint - Last post by jdbailey1206

Question.  Are leapinlew and Negative 1 moderators of the new forum?

Follow up question.  Vigo.  Can your gif be Vigo destroying the cabinet with slimer coming out?

Started by nitrogen_widget - Last post by Howard_Casto

Well if it's like mine the difference is a bunch of shady looking junkies hang around scaring off potential customers.  They don't bother me.... I probably look far scarier than they do.  ;)

Started by saint - Last post by Howard_Casto

I don't even use subscriptions.... I've always just scanned the boards for new posts.  I figure if I "lose" a post I probably wasn't that interested anyway.

7   Main Forum / Re: NEW Laser Vector Projector! =Don Today at 01:14:48 pm

Started by pixel - Last post by Howard_Casto

I remember this one... technomoan reviewed the prototype ages ago.  Most arcade vector games won't work well unless they've changed something.  Notice the corners are rounded off for most of the complex games?  That's because they have to be... the laser is too slow to get crisply defined edges.  I'm not saying it couldn't be interfaced, I'm just saying it's not going to look like the games are supposed to look. 

Started by nitrogen_widget - Last post by pbj

I'm not really understanding the issue of vultures hanging around Goodwill looking for things to resell.  What difference does it make to Goodwill's bottom line?

Started by nitrogen_widget - Last post by Mike A

The Goodwill by my house looks like the garbage truck pulls up to it and dumps its load. There is never anything good.

10   Everything Else / Re: Cobra Kaion Today at 01:04:21 pm

Started by nitrogen_widget - Last post by nitrogen_widget

sweet it's back!
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