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Started by mrl72 - Last post by javeryh

Mike read my mind.  The new design looks much better.

Although... about the artwork... I like the theme because Marvel stuff is cool and even arcade related but it seems like it should be a little more colorful.  I would not use movie art when there are so many cool comic designs out there.  Maybe it's just me.  I do like it but I think you can do better.

The side profile looks really nice.

Christmas Eve is super ambitious (*insert joke here how it take me forever to do anything*) and I'm definitely going to follow this thread.  Good luck!

Started by jimfath - Last post by jimfath

Holy crap did I hate figuring out how to make little laminate strips for the all the holes.

I popped the door and pulled the plastic off to see the finish vs the painted finish. I was a little nervous if wasn't that much of an improvement. The photo doesn't do it justice but the shine and gloss was exactly what I was looking for. The door and lines are uneven. i have some adjustments to make it more square.

I also recently started to revise the CP (I forgot to include this start up pic)

3   Everything Else / Re: 2018-19 Free Crap Threadon Today at 02:07:15 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by pbj

Turns out Amazon is a good source of big and tall work clothes if you know your brands and sizes.  I had a couple Chase Freedom Reward Amazon cards come in and turned $175 into 2 pairs of slacks, 4 shirts, and a belt.  Judging by my ZapCon experience, I think I'm the 3rd largest BYOAC member so that's most of you covered.


Started by opt2not - Last post by pbj

Tmolding needs to match or it's going to look stupid.  Don't mess with the neon * A E S T H E T I C *

Started by JDFan - Last post by JDFan

In case anyone else wants to know - I went ahead and wired things up today to test and the trackball pictured is wired so that the up direction is where the wires come out of the base - So when mounting in the cab the wiring connector should go toward the screen.

Started by mrl72 - Last post by mrl72

First Fedex delivery. Two Eurosticks and two Zero Delay boards. Starting to feel like Xmas already :)

7   Consoles / Re: Mike A's Console Adventureson Today at 01:17:07 pm

Started by Mike A - Last post by Mike A

Thanks. I have two games to work my way through right now. I will put that one on the list.

Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk

8   Consoles / Re: Mike A's Console Adventureson Today at 12:49:42 pm

Started by Mike A - Last post by Titchgamer

How practical of a concern is that?

Can companies yank a game that I purchased, or does any online functionality just cease?

Do modern downloaded games have some kind of key that needs to be unlocked online every time you play?

I am not sure about the Switch specifically but the PS4 for instance requires you to have online verification for some games and wont allow you to play without.
So yeah once the service ceases to exist you are screwed.

If the game downloads to your memory card and you can play offline then its fine unless the software gets corrupted or the memory card fails etc.

The real daft thing is I have noticed most big games are actually more expensive to buy digitally than hard copies!

Oh and dowload yaself a copy of gunlord x for switch, Thank me and rant at me later :)

9   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: FFB Arcade Pluginon Today at 12:20:52 pm

Started by Boomslang - Last post by isamu

What games would you like ffb on?

Gran Tursimo 1, Gran Tursimo 2, and Rage Racer for the Playstation 1 :)

10   Artwork / The punisheron Today at 12:06:14 pm

Started by DaleDoback - Last post by DaleDoback

does anyone have the complete artwork for the punisher?
working on a conversion and would love help with this
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