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1   Monitor/Video Forum / Re: K7000 problemson Today at 08:27:54 am

Started by David M H - Last post by Arroyo

Started by saint - Last post by Arroyo


Started by KenToad - Last post by Dawgz Rule

Unfortunately, Verizon stopped expanding Fios some years ago.  Besides the expense, it was difficult to expand because they are treated differently then Spectrum or Comcast.   Not sure what kind of plan you have with your cable provider but a standard connection is 200Mbps now.   When Spectrum took over TW, they upgraded my connection to 100Mbps and then 200Mbps at no additional charge.  So if you are on one of those early 15Mbps plans, you should call your provider.   You may be surprised at what they will do.  Broadband over cable has the capability of going to a full Gig.   If your provider allows it, I would also recommend purchasing your own cable modem.  It can make a world of difference with your internet performance.

I usually lag behind the latest technology so the lack of availability on the Series X hasn't had any impact, especially since I upgraded to an One X a couple of years ago. 

I don't foresee MS moving away from consoles as much as moving towards standardized platforms that crossover easily between console, PC, tablet, etc.   They have been moving in this direction for sometime.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by firedance

sorry OP for slight off topic.

went for a trend 2mm slot cutter in the end, like this one - as i got a decent offer (not from this company tho), yes i know it should have been 1/16" (approx 1.5mm) but am sure i can make it work  ;D

5   Monitor/Video Forum / Re: K7000 problemson Today at 03:44:50 am

Started by David M H - Last post by Amra

This should get you going, there are a lot of K7000 repair videos there, and he goes into a lot of detail about what he's checking, how to do it, and why.  Great channel.

Started by eezeetee - Last post by eezeetee

PL1 enters the chat and solves the problem.

Thanks for the tip, i'll give it a try.

Appreciate the post move too.

Started by PL1 - Last post by PL1

Started by eezeetee - Last post by PL1

Something has gotten messed up with my MAME setup. For some reason the arcade stick seems to now adjust the setting of MAME, so when playing there is a line at the bottom of the screen for master volume, screen width, horizontal adjust, etc.

Any idea how I can turn this off or what button it may be?
You've triggered the On Screen Display.
- Press the ` key (unshifted ~ key, upper left on your keyboard) to turn it on/off. (default setting)
- It's just above the TAB key, so you probably fat-fingered it when opening/closing the MAME menu system.

If not and you've accidently changed the default key, open the MAME menu system and go to the Input General menu.
- On Screen Display is the first entry.

Note: This is for MAME .230 . I couldn't find the right area here to post, so chose Groovy Mame
Moved to Main since this isn't related to GroovyMAME.   ;D


Started by MiteWiseacre - Last post by MiteWiseacre

Finally got my glass and put the led light in the marquee. Turned out alright. Last thing is to get the motivation to put the red led strips in above the consoles and a take a decent picture  ;)

10   Everything Else / Re: So ... 3d Printers....on Yesterday at 09:23:49 pm

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by BadMouth

Got the Voron far enough along to melt some plastic.
The problem with the extruder turned out to be the wiring.  I had the wiring wrong on the extruder end, then after correcting it still didn't work because one of the wires had broken at the molex microfit crimp.  Got that fixed and it worked, but filament moved in the wrong direction.  Reversing in printer.cfg didn't work, so I had to rewire yet again.  Same thing happened to Nero3dp on his most recent build, so it wasn't just me. 

It works now except that it doesn't save my z offset.  I will work on that tomorrow.  First print was crap because I had to adjust the z offset on the fly, so I cranked it up to 200% speed.  It was already at a fast draft of 120mm/sec so I guess it was running at 240mm/sec.   Cube looks horrible, but seems dimensionally accurate. I will install the sides and tune tomorrow.

With Mainsail and Klipper, the LCD is kind of pointless.  It displays temps, but the navigation knob doesn't do anything and the button only functions as an emergency stop.  You cannot tune anything on the fly with it.  Everything needs to be done via the web interface.   With Octoprint the LCD would have some functionality.
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