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1   Restorations & repair / Re: Newbie question!on Today at 06:19:33 pm

Started by therainmaker - Last post by mahuti

Judging by the cabinet shape, it probably started life as Elevator Action... or some other Taito game of that era. Take a look at the attached graphic or do a search on Taito cabinets.

As far as what its parts alone... let's put it like this... to scratch build a cabinet, new parts would run you about $400-700. Wood, monitor, coin door, power supply, wiring, etc. Its also basically impossible to buy a new CRT these days.

If it were me,.I'd sell the WWE and double dragon stuff and restore it to any of the very cool old-school Taito machines... or I'd pass on it and scratch build something that I really want instead.

Started by ves - Last post by Osirus23

Got it, thanks.

Started by yatzr - Last post by lilshawn

it is basically an obsoleted part since you'd really only use something like that for CRT's.

off the top of my head i don't recall the last place we ordered from.

EDIT: just had a lookup in a cross reference, if you can't find a 2SC2682, the 2SC2690 looks to be basically the same transistor but it can carry 2 amps instead of 1 amp which should be okay. it shouldn't change the operating characteristics much... if any.  mouser has some on semiconductor branded KSC2690AYSTU parts that SHOULD work okay. it's the same family of transistors as the original, just higher current rating. i'd double check the datasheets between the original and the proposed replacement to be sure it's switching speed is sufficient and the turn on voltage is the same or similar.

the 2sc4001 might work as well. hard to tell without really digging into it.

Started by yatzr - Last post by yatzr

Interesting, mouser was actually one of the first places I looked. Is there a strategy for finding newer equivalent transistors? When I search for SC2682, I only get non-stocked or obsolete results. Similar story with PH2369.

5   Main Forum / Re: Mameworld - Spy Hunteron Today at 03:30:42 pm

Started by spisi - Last post by Mike A

pot meet kettle. ;)

6   GroovyMAME / Re: PC Questionson Today at 03:22:29 pm

Started by morton - Last post by donluca

I will add the FBNeo standalone in some time, As I've made it CRT compatible a few weeks ago, it's been merged in their code.

Ah, I missed this! Congrats! :D

Started by yatzr - Last post by lilshawn

in this case i'd replace the pre-driver and the driver transistor. might as well.

mouser has good onesies and twosies prices. (of course the more you order the cheaper it is.) shipping is variable depending where you are. if you need a pile of stuff (over 100 bucks) shipping is free... it would be a good time to pick up some soldering stuff or a power supply or microcontroller boards or something to pad out the order.

if you don't need anything else, even if you pay shipping, it's super fast. i get stuff in like 2 days here in canada. it's not going to be a week or anything.

8   Main Forum / Re: Mameworld - Spy Hunteron Today at 03:05:37 pm

Started by spisi - Last post by spisi

Did not blame anyone...The coders are awesome for doing such great work...They are a bit snappy though...

9   Restorations & repair / Newbie question!on Today at 02:34:02 pm

Started by therainmaker - Last post by therainmaker

Hello All!

I'm a newbie to the arcade building/collection but long time player! I've come across Technos wwf Superstars arcade for sale. I'm told it is in working order except the coin opp. The marquee says wwe superstars but the bezel is from a double dragon machine. This would be my first time buying a machine and it would be for my own use in my man cave for many many years to come. My questions are... How much is this thing worth? Should I get it restored to double dragon or wwf superstars. I'm new to all this so any other information would be greatly appreciated! I've attached a picture. Please help! Thank you in advance!

10   GroovyMAME / Re: PC Questionson Today at 02:28:24 pm

Started by morton - Last post by Substring

I will add the FBNeo standalone in some time, As I've made it CRT compatible a few weeks ago, it's been merged in their code.

The next candidate is mednafen/emu4crt, which silmalik has been making compatible with switchres.
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