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Started by CHRIS-F - Last post by grantspain

no idea, it just the way they did it- they were always fitted bipolar caps and later were fitted with polypropelene caps. I have worked on hundreds of the 9000 chassis and they have always been like that

they fail because they fail, just a common fault - thats why later models had the polypropelene caps fitted and they never fail. You should get a fair few years of operation with a standard bipolar cap so don't worry too much

Started by CHRIS-F - Last post by CHRIS-F

Hi, just wanted to double check, I have both types of caps bipolar polarised, the old one was a non polarised, but just wondering why the print screen has that big thick line doesn't that denote the negative side? And the MTC 9000 manual shows the top being positive, is there a reason a non polarised cap was used here? Could that be why it's failed and bulged? I know my chassis is a clone and the print screen could be wrong etc, just want to make sure.

3   Monitor/Video Forum / Re: Tube Coatingon Today at 04:29:54 am

Started by CHRIS-F - Last post by CHRIS-F

Thanks Guys, I'll leave it if its not that important, I don't have any arcing, I just thought it may need doing to prevent any arcing.
I always thought it looked like the old red led paint

Started by purbeast - Last post by abispac

When you install emudrivers, one important step is to add yuor settings to mame. That way youll add your monitor setting to it. so you need to setup groovymame by itself, but cfg and ini files for games can remain.

Started by Alejo I - Last post by pbj

So you can buy this from eneba, throw a coupon on the purchase, and own it digitally on Xbox/PC for $4.15.  You have to redeem through a proxy in Argentina but I figured it out on my 5 year old iPad.

Iíve currently peg legged it on PC, gotten it via game pass for 4 months for a dollar, bought it for $4.15, and preordered it for $11 for Switch.  Switch version comes with a pizza coupon.  Pics will be posted here when I get my pizza.


6   Software Forum / Auto play music in background?on Yesterday at 10:56:55 pm

Started by dir - Last post by yotsuya

Itís a stupid idea. It always has been, it always will be.

Game designers carefully integrate music into the game to fit the theme and feel. Itís not like they just added any old tunes to their blips and bloops and called it a day.

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7   Software Forum / Re: Auto play music in background?on Yesterday at 10:52:55 pm

Started by dir - Last post by Mike A

Streaming services are better and more plentiful. There are more portable and non portable speaker options with bluetooth built in.

It is even easier now to play music from a source other than an arcade cab that you have to play a game and control the audio with the same set of controls.

8   Artwork / Mortal Kombat 3/4 CPO Artwork requeston Yesterday at 10:35:59 pm

Started by RadiantAnsel - Last post by RadiantAnsel

Hello! I'm trying to build a single player Mortal Kombat themed stick.

I would like to see if somebody here has files for template PSD or any editable format, since I would like them to look a bit closer to arcade artwork.

Thanks a lot for the help, cheers.

9   Software Forum / Re: Auto play music in background?on Yesterday at 10:14:46 pm

Started by dir - Last post by DoghouseReilly

It was dumb idea when it was first posted and it is an even dumber idea now.
Really? What change took place to make it even dumber? Channeling game audio and music through the same speakers somehow produces worse results today than it did before?  Or did you just get more cranky?

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by Howard_Casto

From what I can figure out it uses fpga to generate a rgb video signal from the fc's ppu but it's actually a fc and needs a donor cpu from the genuine article.   If it was a fpga console I wouldn't be interested.   
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