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21   Main Forum / Re: Windows computeron Yesterday at 01:35:29 pm

Started by Tommy714 - Last post by Tommy714

That's kinda what I thought on the GPU, but how fast does the CPU need to be?

Started by abispac - Last post by abispac

The more i read the more i get confused. Why, because some say, a pi4 its better than mister, some say, mister is better than pi4 and some say groovymame its better, other said, jrock fro williams games its the same as the origina hardware, and they all claim to be better with inputlag on crt monitors. Some said lcd are not good, and so on.  So i was wondering, if just having playing old school  arcade games, with vanila mame or mame core or groovymame, if the crt helps to have almost no input lag.  To be honest, i cant tell if my setups have input lag or not. As some said robotron has plenty of input lag in mame but not on jrock, and some said, on a pi4 theres no input lag either, but, how can a smallish pi4 have better management at input lag that an full powerfull mame pc with groovymame and emudrivers, and of course an amd card... can someone help me understand this please?
And what do thet old schools like me think? Its input lag real? Does it bother you?
hanks for your time.

Started by stpcore - Last post by mx5xm

First things first - thank you all for all the help!

I have a struggle I can't seem to overcome. I migrated my hard drive and nitric card into a newer PC, everything boots and I have the right video card, drivers, everything.

My only problem is the trackball only works in the diagnostic menu. When I press the start button I get to the start menu, but I cannot move forward.

I don't have another keyboard or mouse plugged in. Only the USB that goes to the Nitric card and the USB card reader.

The I've tried the card in two different slots, I also confirmed there is power to the card via the molex connector.

I have hours into this and I'm no further. Do I need a driver for the nitric card that might be missing? I've plugged and unplugged things over and over with no luck. My original PC died and I'm trying to resurrect and save this machine. At this point if anyone has an old original computer for these machines I'll buy it. I just want to resolve this giant paperweight.

Started by argonlefou - Last post by midd

After seeing the latest videos, I'm trying to get HOTD3 setup to try it out with DS and Mamehooker  but it won't run.  Did the noCDcrack, run as an administrator. The game launches, screen turns white but then returns to the desktop. If anyone can help via PM, I'd appreciate it.

25   GroovyMAME / Roms Groovyarcade 2022on Yesterday at 09:13:34 am

Started by Diogo - Last post by Diogo

Hi, sorry if this is not the right place to ask this question.
I would like to know for which version of MAME I should download the roms for GroovyArcade 2022.
(Google translator)

Started by punkysuen - Last post by murraystephen

I also had this problem when I wanted to install a Windows 10 key. I read one IT's post and found where to buy cheap windows 10 keys. But later I had problems installing the key. I thought it was because I was buying a fake key. To solve the problem with installing a windows 10 key, I needed to disable security on the motherboard. In your case, you may also need to disable security on the motherboard. This usually happens on a motherboard with an AMD A4-4000 or HD7480D processor, like you and I have.

27   Software Forum / Re: New Cabinet - PC build - Which FrontEndon January 29, 2023, 08:31:05 pm

Started by eezeetee - Last post by eezeetee

Thanks for the note Meyer980.

The reason I was looking at Batocera is beucase I've build a few mini-systems for family using PI3B+ boards.  They work ok for the games they plan (basic Mame)

But I'd like to add a little more CPU intensive systems on there too if I can..

Maybe a Windows-capable machine is overkill but the price point for a decent system has come down so much to make it reasonable to put a decently powered box inside the cabinet..

Coinops runs on Windows and so i'd need to maintain that.  Suppose I could just keep it offline and not worry.. 

28   Everything Else / Re: Good quality android tablets?on January 29, 2023, 08:05:42 pm

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by danny_galaga

No idea about the new models, but I bought a $170 Lenovo Yoga fall of 2017 and it still works great after 5.25 years  The only reason I bought the brand was because it had bigger speakers than most tablets.  It lives on the kitchen counter and is used to watch video and store recipe books.  The only other tablets I've had were bargain ones that became too slow to be useable after a year or two.

No idea how it would perform for games and such or how up to date/secure the OS is.  It really depends on what you plan to use it for.

EDIT: I looked at the system info on the tablet.  It's still on Android 6.  Last security patch level is Sept 1, 2018 which is 13 months after I bought it.
So...not much in the way of continued support.

Yeah I've been hearing good things about Lenovo. So that's where I'm probably headed.

Sorry pbj, I just can't help but be cheap 😃

29   Everything Else / Re: Good quality android tablets?on January 29, 2023, 08:03:23 pm

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by danny_galaga

30   Everything Else / Re: Good quality android tablets?on January 29, 2023, 07:23:25 pm

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by pbj

iPad > *

Stop being cheap.

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