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Author Topic: advmenuPLUS - English docs to a lightweight frontend  (Read 3944 times)

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advmenuPLUS - English docs to a lightweight frontend
« on: May 10, 2018, 08:46:40 am »
I've been using AdvMenuPLUS for years and its original project, AdvanceMENU for a decade before that. It's a great, lightweight frontend that runs well on Windows XP and low resolution arcade monitors. Most of the documentation for AdvMenuPLUS is in Spanish. This post will guide you through the Windows setup of AdvMenuPLUS in English.


AdvanceMENU is a front end built by Andrea Mazzoleni who also wrote AdvanceMAME. AdvanceMENU can look like this:

AdvMenuPLUS is a fork of AdvanceMENU that adds a number of enhancements. It adds layouts to the interface and does a lot on the backend as well. It supports 7z compressed ROMs, automatically shrinks the mame.xml file for faster front end loading, adds favorite lists among others. It can look like the pictures above, but with layouts, it can look like this:

Personally, I use a variation of the Tile Normal layout (the very first picture above), but with animated snapshots where only the highlighted game is animated. It looks very slick and it's easier to pick a game from dozens of snapshots on the screen at once than a long list of game names.



  • Download the MinGW-advmenuplus compiler.
  • Extract the compiler to C:\MinGW
  • Download a snapshot of the latest master branch.
  • Extrace the archive.
  • Run compile-win.bat and wait while the program compiles.
  • After compiling, there will be three executables in the same directory as compile-win.bat: advcfg.exe, advv.exe, advmenup.exe
  • Move these three executables to a new folder.
  • Download the required DLLs.
  • Extract the DLLs to the new folder you created above.
  • Run advancemenup.exe and a default advmenup.rc will be created. This is the configuration file you will be new best friends with.


The full documentation for AdvanceMENU goes over everything in detail, but I'll include the basic setup for MAME here. Emulators are added to advancemenup.rc. To add MAME, include this line:

Code: [Select]
emulator "MAME" mame "c:\arcade\mame\mame.exe"
It's as simple as that. AdvMenuPLUS will hang for a few minutes the first time it is run. This is normal. It's actually generating and scrubbing a mame.xml file. Once that's done, it will read in your mame.ini file and process the snap directory for images.


All images must be in either PNG or MNG format. It's difficult to find repositories of MNG files. Hopefully MP4 will be supported soon. Until then, the largest collection of MNG snapshots I could find was on the AdvanceMAME page itself. They are the files. Extract all the files to your MAME/snap directory. The same directory can contain PNG snaps, which will be displayed in AdvMenuPLUS if there is no corresponding MNG file.


Examples of layout files can be downloaded from here. The Spanish documentation can be downloaded as an HTML file here, which can easily be translated to surprisingly readable English in Chrome. Essentially, an AMP file is a text document that maps image files to coordinates on the screen. These AMP files are referenced in advancemenup.rc by an emulator_layout option.


The following was pulled from various forum posts and may not show up in the default advancemenup.rc or published documention.

Code: [Select]
#Change emulator events
event_assign emulator_pre f6
event_assign emulator_next f7

#Remember the selected game of each emulator
rem_selected yes | no

#Options for each emulator
emulator_background "EMULATOR" "IMAGE"
emulator_font "EMULATOR" "SOURCE"
emulator_font_size "EMULATOR" auto | SIZE_Y [SIZE_X]
emulator_help "EMULATOR" none | IMAGE / VIDEO
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Re: advmenuPLUS - English docs to a lightweight frontend
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2019, 03:51:11 pm »
You can download all the animated snapshots (MNG files) for use in AdvMenuPLUS or AdvanceMENU from here.

The following games have animated snapshots:

Code: [Select]
1941 circus gaplus kyros oneshot rompers sxyreac2
1942 circusc gardia kyukaidk onetwo rongrong sxyreact
1943 cischeat garogun kyustrkr openice rotd syvalion
1943kai citybomb garou ladybug opwolf rougien szaxxon
1944 citycon garyoret ladyfrog opwolf3 roundup tacscan
1945kiii citylove gaunt2 ladykill orangec roundup5 tactcian
19xx ckong gauntlet landmakr orbit route16 tail2nos
2020bb clapapa gaxeduel lasso orbitron royalmah tailg
3countb claypign gberet lastblad ordyne rpatrolb taiwanmb
3in1semi cleopatr gbusters lastbld2 orlegend rranger talbot
3kokushi cloak gcpinbal lastday orunners rsgun tangtang
3stooges clocknch gdarius lastduel oscar rshark tank8
3wonders cloud9 gdfs lastfort osman rthun2 tankbatt
3wonderu clowns geebee lastmisn otatidai rthunder tankbust
40love clshroad gekiretu lazercmd othellos rtype tankfrce
47pie2 cltchitr gekirido lbgrande othldrby rtype2 tantr
4dwarrio club90s gemini lbowling othunder rtypeleo taotaido
4enraya cluckypo genix ldrun otonano runaway tapper
4in1 cluclu genpeitd ldrun2 otwalls rvschool targ
4in1boot cmehyou getstarb ldrun3 outfxies rygar tattass
4psimasy cmissnx gfire2 ldrun4 outrun ryorioh taxidrvr
64street cnightst gforce2 le2 outzone ryouran tazmania
720 cninja gghost legend overdriv ryujin tbowl
7jigen cobracom gground legendos overtop ryukyu tbyahhoo
800fath colmns97 ghlpanic lemmings ozmawars s1945 tceptor
88games colony7 ghoshunt lemnangl ozon1 s1945ii tdfever
8ball columns ghostb leprechn p47 s1945iii tdragon2
8ballact columns2 ghostlop lethalen p47aces s1945p tdragonb
9ballsht combasc ghouls lethalj pacapp sabotenb teamqb
aafb combat ghox lethalth pachiten sadari techromn
abaseb commando gigandes levers pacland sailormn tecmowcm
abcop commsega gigasb lgtnfght pacmania sailorws teddybb
abunai comotion gigasm2b lhb pacnpal salamand teedoff
aburner2 compgolf gigawing liberate pacplus salmndr2 tehkanwc
acedrvrw complexx gijoe liberatr paddlema samsh5sp tekipaki
acrobatm congo gimeabrk liblrabl pairs samsho tekken
actfancr contcirc ginganin liquidk pairsnb samsho2 tekken2
actionhw contra ginkun lizwiz palamed samsho3 tekken3
ad2083 cookbib gionbana lkage pandoras samsho4 teljan
aerofgt cookbib2 gladiatr llander pang samsho5 telmahjn
afighter cookbib3 gldncrwn lnc pang3 samuraia tempest
agallet coolmini gloc locomotn pangpang sandor tengai
agress coolpool glpracr loderndf pangpoms sandscrp tenkomor
airattck cop01 glpracr3 loffire panic sarge term2
airbustr cosmccop gmgalax logger panicbom sasuke terracre
airduel cosmicg gnbarich logicpr2 panicstr satansat tetrisbl
airwolf cosmogng gng logicpro paperboy saturn tetrisp
ajax cosmos goal92 loht paradice sauro tetrisp2
akiss cotton goalx3 lomakai paradise savagere tetrisse
alexkida cotton2 gogomile looping paradlx sbagman tfrceac
alexkidd cottonbm gokuparo losttomb parodius sbasebal tgmj
alien3 countrnb goldbug lotlot pass sbasketb tgtball
alienar cppicf goldmedl lottof2 passsht sbdk thedeep
aliens cprobowl goldnaxe lottofun pastelg sbishi theend
aliensyn cprogolf goldstar lrescue patimono sbm thehand
aligatun cprosocc golgo13 lresort pbaction sbomberb themj
alpham2 cptennis gollygho lsasquad pballoon sbowling thepit
alpine cracksht gomoku luckywld pbancho sbrkout thief
altbeast crash gondo lvcards pbball96 scandal thndrbld
amazon crater goonies lvgirl94 pbillian scfinals thndrx2
ambush crbaloon gorf lwings pbillrd schaser thndzone
amidar crgolf gotcha m660 pblbeach schmeisr thoop
amspdwy crgolfhi gowcaizr mace pbobbl2n sci thunderj
androdun crimec gpgolf machbrkr pbobble scion thunderl
angelkds crimfght gpilots machridj pbobble2 scobra thunderx
animaljr crkdown gprider1 machridr pbobble3 scontra thundfox
anteater crospang gradius3 macross pbobble4 scorpnmc tickee
aodk crossbow gradius4 macross2 pbobblen scotrsht tigerh
aof crshrace gratia macrossp pc_1942 scramble tigeroad
aof2 crsword gravitar madalien pc_bball scregg timber
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arabian cscrtry growl magicbub pc_ebike searchar tinklpit
arabianm cshift grtwall magicstk pc_ftqst searchey tinstar
ar_airh csilver grudge magix pc_gntlt seawolf titlef
arbalest csprint gseeker maglord pc_golf seawolf2 tkmmpzdm
ar_bowl cstlevna gslgr94u magmax pc_goons secolove tmekprot
arcadecl csuperas gslugrsj magspot pc_grdus sectionz tmnt
archrivl cterrani gstrik2 magspot2 pc_hgaly seganinj tmnt2
ar_dart ctisland gstriker mahmajn pc_kngfu seicross tndrcade
area51 ctomaday gsword mahmajn2 pcktgal seiha tnexspce
ar_fast ctornado gt2k mahoudai pclubys selfeena tnk3
argus ctribe gt3d mahretsu pc_mario semibase tnzs
argusg cubybop gt97 maiko pc_miket sengekis todruaga
arkanoid cuebrick gt98 mainevt pc_mman3 sengokmj toffy
arkarea cupfinal gt99 mainsnk pc_moglf sengoku toggle
arknoid2 curvebal gtclassc majs101b pc_mtoid sengoku2 toki
arkretrn cutieq gtg majtitl2 pc_ngai2 sengoku3 tokiob
ar_ldrb cworld gtg2 majtitle pc_ngai3 senjyo tokisens
arlingtn cworld2j gtmr mangchi pc_ngaid senknow tokkae
armedf cybattlr gtmr2 maniach pc_pwbld senkyu tokyogal
armora cyberbal guardian maniacsp pc_pwrst sextriv tondemo
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armwrest cyclwarr gumbo mappy pc_rcpam sf1 topgun
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ar_xeon danceyes gundl94 marukin pc_smb2 sfex2 toride2g
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Re: advmenuPLUS - English docs to a lightweight frontend
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2019, 09:43:03 pm »
I still use the original Advmenu with Advmame in PURE DOS.

Been playing around with this Advmenu Plus.

I like the idea of using LAYOUTS

Can't not seem to figure it out.

Does using LAYOUT works for PURE DOS ?

Maybe using LAYOUT are for WINDOWS only and that's why I can't get it going.


Thenasty's Arcademania Horizontal/Vertical setup.

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Re: advmenuPLUS - English docs to a lightweight frontend
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2019, 08:44:05 pm »
Does using LAYOUT works for PURE DOS ?

Maybe using LAYOUT are for WINDOWS only and that's why I can't get it going.


I see there is a compile-dos.bat contained in the archive. I don't use layouts personally, but they should work in DOS. Maybe try downloading some sample layouts from here?