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Author Topic: problems with some emulators/games  (Read 964 times)

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problems with some emulators/games
« on: May 29, 2018, 12:06:40 pm »
hey guys!

i'm new to this forum but in my age of 41 i'm a arcade- and gaming-fan since 1988 (i've started gaming then). first i hope this is the right thread to ask my question. the thing is: today i'm not as far as you to build my own cabinets but i'm also emulating a bunch of arcade machines and consoles on my PC rig. most of them i emulate because i don't want to plug my consoles to my TV all the time and the other matter is that my PS1 broke (the motor of the drive won't rotate any disc anymore).

my point is that i get slowdons or a poor performance with dolphin for game cube emulation with some games (Star Wars Rogue Leader runs very slow, but Mario Kart, F-Zero GX, Matroid Prime 1 & 2 or Mario Sunshine are running fine). the next problem is that i can't get some arcade games to run (i still don't know if MAME uses the GPU for 3D-emulation already, last time i've checked Tekken 3 in MAME still did run very slow), in example Konami's GTI Club or newer arcade 3D racing games.

on the other side there were never ever any version 22.0.4 of viva nonno. so i think about if there's a better way to emulate Rave Racer (avoiding crackling sounds)?

next problem i've got is supermodel with Sega Rally 2... i've got the latest build from emucr installed and i still have the problem that 2 songs different are playing at the same time when i play the game (at attract mode and at gameplay). but when i watch gameplay at youtube nobody else seems to have this problem anymore so it must be a configuration problem?

thanks for help!
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Re: problems with some emulators/games
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2018, 02:17:38 pm »
I have time for a quick answer on Model 3 and Rally 2. You need to download a different "version" that is made by someone else

I am using Supermodel-r693. That fixes the problems with Rally 2 and others.

As for the other problems, briefly - MAME does not use 3D hardware that's why 3D games are slow. If games are slow or have choppy sound you need a faster computer. That fixes most issues like with NFL Blitz.

Hope that helps. Gotta go!

Sorry if that sounded dumb, I was in a hurry. I don't remember who made the version of Model 3 but if you search for the version I mentioned you should find what you need. Someone here suggested it to me several months ago and it solved all my issues.

MAME: The crackling and choppy sound as well as frame rate is fixed whenever I run those games through my faster PC...Blitz, Gauntlet Legends, Radikal Bikers and a bunch of others. The chop-op-op-opy sound is s-s-so-o-o annoy-oy-oy-ing!

And welcome to the fuh-fuh-fuh-forum-um-um!

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Re: problems with some emulators/games
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2018, 06:58:22 am »
The Rogue Squadron games are some of the most demanding on Gamecube.  I have a pretty beefy machine and I still get some slow down.  You can try the ubershaders to see if they help.