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Author Topic: Hello from South England - Pinball machine Transformer hunt... any Ideas?  (Read 2099 times)

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Good morning to all, Newbie to this site, read a few posts and thought I would ask a questiion.

I have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball machine.

Was fully working until recently - (Moved To Hastings).

It started off with a large hum on boot, like  a bad earth on an amplifier.

Then it took longer and longer to fire up, I would switch on, the machine would hummm very loudly, even with volume turned right down.

After about 5 minutes, something would warm up and it would then switch on.

It is taking longer and longer now and also has a burning electrical smell to it.

I am assuming its the transformer, which has 

010-5003-00   549-9121  115/230v 50/60hz

Before I splash out on an expensive replacement, anybody got any ideas whether this is it?

Are there any alternatives I can use - as a transformer is a transformer, what voltage does it step down too?

Thank you in advance




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I'm not familiar with that specfic game, but your hum indicates either insufficient voltage in the 5VDC or A/C ripple on the 5VDC caused by a failing capacitor (prbably the largest one) on the power spply. Measure the 5VDC with both the DC reading and the AC. The DC should be 5.05-5.1VDC. the AC should be less than .15 VAC
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ya that's a data east
if u have the manual?
find the rectifier board, main power supply
start there
if u do not have the manual say so I will what I can dig up for ya

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Transformers work or they don't.  Your problem is elsewhere.

90% of the time with pinball machines, it's a connector problem.  Especially after a move.  Unplug and reconnect everything in the backbox.

If that doesn't do it, check power supply.

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