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Author Topic: FLYNN'S ARCADE (Project Code Name: Overambitious) - FINISHED  (Read 164404 times)

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Re: FLYNN'S ARCADE (Project Code Name: Overambitious) - FINISHED
« Reply #840 on: November 07, 2018, 02:18:52 pm »
Well this build is boarding on legendary at this point.

No, its still a great execution of a bad design; far from legendary. Every time the thread finally fall off the first page (which is tough because the traffic on this site has slowed to a crawl) someone comes along and makes a post that should have been a PM to him or asks for something already answered in the thread.
Yup.  It was executed well, but there are some key flaws in the ergonomic design, especially around the Control Panel.  It's been discussed in many other threads here.

@Skoobie, do yourself a favour and read more of the other 4-player cabinet projects posted here that didn't follow this design. You'll see a lot of projects that have done a 4-player set-up correctly, and it'll give you a better understanding of how to balance the aesthetics and ergonomics of your project, 2 of the main things that must be balanced in creating a viable arcade cabinet.


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Re: FLYNN'S ARCADE (Project Code Name: Overambitious) - FINISHED
« Reply #841 on: November 07, 2018, 02:42:55 pm »
Well this build is boarding on legendary at this point.  :lol: I discovered it as a Reddit reference. I've got a 2-player bartop running Hyperspin that took some time but was well worth it in the end. Helps I work for a large-format print with CNC capabilities  ;D

My best friend finally built his 4-bay shop with a loft and wants to put in a game room. He asked me to help him built a 4-player full sized cabinet. After doing a 2-player bartop I figured a 4-player stand up couldn't be TOO much worse. However I'm having a hard time locating CNC files for a complete cabinet. Found several dead links and partial files (i.e. Flynn's side panels) but nothing complete. Chance, do you have (or even want to distribute) 1:1 CNC plans for your build? I'd like to use it as a template. I think we would dumb it down a bit (no coin door, fewer LED buttons, etc) but the over all build looks perfect for what my friend is looking for. If you willing to share the plans please let me know. At any rate it's and amazing build, well done. And thank you for the contributions!

Hey! Thanks for the kind words :)

Actually no, I dont have full CnC plans for this build. Only the side panels and CP top were made using the CnC. The rest i buit as i went. In part i released only the side panels to both encourage people to “forge their own way” with a solid head start, and to help diversify the design end results, (as many “clones” of my design have done, which i love).  At the end of the day, you pick ypur cabinet width based on your display and control panel, then you chose what panels you want to shape the cabinet. No coin door? Great, cut a large rectangle for the kick plate. Have an idea for a WMS style full size speaker grill? Awesome, put as many holes as you want for as many speakers you want up there! Vertical 27” LCD? get the picture.

Unless im out of the country for a prolonged period of time with no cell access, i’ll always try to reply to this thread as quickly as i can. Just so happens i’m just heading to my car after an 8 hour international flight so i missed the notification of your post. :)


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