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Author Topic: AimTrak-Converting a Namco Recoil Gun  (Read 72760 times)

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Re: AimTrak-Converting a Namco Recoil Gun
« Reply #360 on: January 11, 2019, 11:48:17 am »
Hello! Nobody can help me  :-[?

You will need the kit that you linked to (the camera module, sensor bar and trigger buttons)

You will not need a PSU unless you want to have recoil, If you want recoil you will need the recoil solenoid and a PSU.

As for installing it in your gun I have no idea sorry.
Thanks you, but I think I Can use the solenoid and the PSU of my Jolt Gun and not buy another? That I understood  :-\

Yeah that's right. I just did this last night with my jolt gun using the instructions on page 8 of this thread.
I'll do a proper write up in a day or so but some points of note.

I used option 1 and took route 3b. It took me 4 hours with 2 of us.
There was more plastic cutting than I expected but we managed to cut it to hold the board without the need for glue!
Everything is a really tight fit!
The soldering on the board is very tiny. you'll want some experience and a steady hand.
My PS1 cable colours didn't match any of the other people in this thread but the positions of the +ve and Ground wires was the same on the PS board.


P.s Cheers to everyone in this thread!

Hi Podbod!

Thank you, I hope you will soon offer us your proper write up, I would surely find answers to my questions in it.

Now I have the complet box Jolt Gun, and the aimtrak pack

And if you can make some pictures of your custom Jolt gun, it will be so nice! thank you for all!


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  • I want to build my own arcade controls!
Re: AimTrak-Converting a Namco Recoil Gun
« Reply #361 on: April 27, 2019, 09:58:21 am »
Question for the group...

I have 2 AimTrak recoil guns on my cabinet and I recently picked up a “named” Namco knockoff in hopes to convert it to an  AimTrak with the Namco solenoid. I’ve read this entire thread and it seems like it’s a rather difficult conversion for someone with no knowledge of DC circuitry.

My question is, can I not simply disconnect the AimTrak solenoid wires to the Namco solenoid wires and the AimTrak trigger wires to the Namco trigger?

All help is very much appreciated!


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  • I want to build my own arcade controls!
Re: AimTrak-Converting a Namco Recoil Gun
« Reply #362 on: August 30, 2019, 11:58:39 am »
Ah-ha! Turns out the auto fire issue is because of the auto reload functionality. I don't have a manual. Can someone explain how auto fire /program mode works?

It still struggles if you press the fire button too quickly but I seem to recall that was an issue when I had one as a kid. Something the namco arcade ones don't (or at least I don't recall them having). Probably a better solenoid?


Are you using this gun with an AimTrak or using it wit PS1?

I had a brand new one when I bought one so I have the original manual and power supply. I post what I can find out.

Hello, SlyblueFox. First, thanks for the great mod project. I bought two jolt guns  and  completed the mod  of one them with (Option #1) normal single fire and  autofire enable. Now, I need your opinion on a possible solution to retain autofire and not off screen recoil, using a aimtrak recoil PCB, like schematic below. I did a test with recoil signal and  and measured standard 0v by default. Then i wire one 12v power supply to V+, V and S1, S2 output of Aimtrak recoil PCB to Jolt Gun 12V  supply connections points. Then i ground G point and  supply 5v to R (recoil) point in Aimtrak recoil PCB. Nothing happened with S1 and S2 points that continued to measure 12v. I think that supply 5v  to point with block s1 an s2 any voltage, since i see this power when G points was disconnect. Please, what type of signal the recoil connection of a Aimtrak Gun PCB will gives when you tries fire off screen? What your opinion about schematic below? Will this solution work?

Update: Finally i assembly in Jolt Gun one Recoil PCB, but not have time to test yet if the RAG wiil not  recoil offscreen. I  suffered with bed solding of V+ e V- and S1 and S2. Make sure you will do a really good solding of this points or 12V output will fail several times. I use Replacement USB/Power Cable (, but inside of RAG i use part of original power wire of Jolt Gun, because it is more thin.
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