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91   Project Announcements / Re: Hoping for a neato idea.on June 15, 2024, 04:52:55 pm

Started by Zakk - Last post by PL1

I also think a very slow motor to turn the cube would be in order. Since there will be a power cord, maybe an arduino control so that it only rotates so far before reversing, would also allow me to adjust the speed I think.
An inexpensive 28BYJ-48 might work for small models, but it isn't very powerful.
- Near the bottom of that post, there's a link to an Arduino sketch to do back-and-forth rotation with that motor.

If you need more power, a NEMA 17 stepper motor (commonly used in 3d printers) would be a good choice for this application.,161063.0.html

Since the motor will be rotating slowly, an A4988 driver is probably quiet enough.
- If the motor is too noisy, upgrade to a TMC2130 V1.1 that has the same basic pinout as the A4988. (handy for swapping it on a breadboard while testing)

To power the motor and Arduino, you will need 5v, 12v, and ground.
- You can get them from either an arcade-style power supply or a Molex in your computer.
- The DPST is a power switch for the 5v and 12v.  Ground is always connected.
- On the 5v input to the Arduino, use a 10uF electrolytic capacitor for filtering.
- On the 12v input to the driver, use a 100uF electrolytic capacitor for filtering.

The stepper motor connects to breadboard j24 thru j28.

For your setup, you might not need the limit switches on breadboard b5 and b6, but they would be a very good way to avoid getting the power cable for the hypercube all twisted up.
- To make it bulletproof, you can use hall-effect sensors for the main limit switches and add an emergency microswitch limit switch in case the motor is too close to the hall-effect switch when power is applied.  The reverse only triggers on the high/low transition.  If the magnet starts too close to the switch, it will be below logic high so it won't reverse.  I have an updated sketch with the emergency switch feature if you're interested.

To do the back-and-forth motion without limit switches, you'll need to modify the Arduino sketch from the other thread.
- In the main program loop, you can use one for/next loop to go x steps in one direction, then a second for/next loop to go in the other direction.


Started by PL1 - Last post by PL1

"MechDriverAdjustment" sketch for setting Vref so the driver output current does not damage the motor.

Code: [Select]
// Adjustment sketch for A4988 driver board installed on stepper motor mech control board.

Sketch sets direction and step pins to constant high so you have time to adjust Vref on the driver.

1. Without stepper motor attached, adjust Vref. (Initial safe setting)
  - Read voltage off metal top of potentiometer on driver.

2. Power off.

3. Attach stepper motor with jumpers, multimeter set to amps in series with coil 1.

4. Power on.

5. Adjust Vref to control current output of driver. (Final accurate setting)

// Adapted from

// Define connections
#define DIR       8   // Arduino pin that connects to A4988 driver board DIR pin.
#define STEP      9   // Arduino pin that connects to A4988 driver board STEP pin.

void setup() {

  // Setup the stepper controller pins as Outputs and set the pins to HIGH
void loop() {


Latest version of the "MechHallSwitchesInterrupt" sketch for hall-effect limit switches and a microswitch emergency reverse.

Code: [Select]
// Stepper motor mechanism controlled by an Arduino Pro Micro, a stepper motor driver board, two Hall Effect directional limit switches, and an emergency reverse microswitch.

// Stepper motor goes one direction until it triggers one Hall Effect switch and goes the other direction until it triggers the other Hall Effect switch and goes the original direction again.

// The emergency reverse switch is there in case power is shut off when the magnet is too close to the Hall Effect sensor on the first travel direction end.
// When power is reapplied, the voltage on that input starts below logic HIGH so the Arduino doesn't see a falling transition from HIGH to LOW.

// *** Test your setup to ensure that the variables on lines 23 and 26 that control the first direction of travel and the limit switch direction changes are correct. ***

// Adapted from

// Define connections
#define SWITCH_A  2            // Arduino pin that connects to the limit switch closest to the stepper motor.
#define SWITCH_B  3            // Arduino pin that connects to the limit switch farthest from the stepper motor.
#define SWITCH_E  7            // Arduino pin that connects to the emergency reverse switch.
#define DIR       8            // Arduino pin that connects to the stepper driver board DIR pin.
#define STEP      9            // Arduino pin that connects to the stepper driver board STEP pin.

// Variables
int pd = 180;                  // Pulse duration period in microseconds.  Minimum value is 180 for TMC2130 in Halfstep, 85 in Qtrstep, 45? in 16 μsteps.
boolean setdir = HIGH;         // Set first travel direction to HIGH or LOW. *** Verify that the first travel direction is correct for your setup. ***
boolean emergswdir = !setdir;  // Set emergency reverse switch direction to opposite of setdir.

boolean nearswdir = HIGH;      // Set near switch new direction to either HIGH or LOW. *** Verify that the direction changes triggered by the limit switches are correct for your setup. ***
boolean farswdir = !nearswdir; // Set far switch new direction to opposite of nearswdir.

// Near limit switch interrupt handler.
void limit_a (){
  setdir = nearswdir; // Change motor travel direction.
  Serial.println("Go away from the motor"); // Print direction and carriage return.
} // End near limit switch interrupt handler.

// Far limit switch interrupt handler.
void limit_b (){
  setdir = farswdir; // Change motor travel direction.
  Serial.println("Go toward the motor"); // Print direction and carriage return.
} // End far limit switch interrupt handler.

// Emergency reverse switch interrupt handler.
void limit_e (){
  setdir = emergswdir; // Change motor travel direction.
  Serial.println("Emergency reverse"); // Print direction and carriage return.
} // End emergency reverse switch interrupt handler.

void setup() { // Start program setup.

// Set the stepper controller pins as outputs.

// Set the switches as inputs.  Use INPUT_PULLUP for an internal pullup resistor.  Use INPUT if your Arduino requires an external pullup resistor.

// Attach interrupt pins to handlers.
attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(SWITCH_A), limit_a, FALLING);
attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(SWITCH_B), limit_b, FALLING);
attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(SWITCH_E), limit_e, FALLING);

} // End program setup.

void loop() { // Main program loop.

    // Turn the motor one step in the current direction.
    // Print step, direction (0 or 1), and carriage return.
    Serial.print("Step ");

} // End main program loop.

Breadboard wiring for a TMC2130 v1.1 and an A4988.


Started by argonlefou - Last post by phasermaniac

Hi Argon
As I said, I messed a bit with Ad cop, and I finally could make it work in Win 10, using dxwnd
Dowloaded last build (2_06_04), as it seems the author made some win95/98related progresses recently

First install the game. Next open dxwnd
1. Options- Exended mode
2- Right click-Add
3. Main tab: Point the path to the exe, change resolution if you need
4- Compat tab: check "Handle exceptions"
This way, it launches in my side.
I have tested 3 versions of the game:
Ad cop and the polish cd version, works using the installation folder exe (Unlike bonbon paradise that works form the cd exe).
Ad cop Overseas (AudioWizard cd) instalator dont work for me for some reason, I'll investigate this later

94   Main Forum / Re: All Killer, No Filler MAME Gamelists Directoryon June 15, 2024, 02:00:58 pm

Started by BadMouth - Last post by dugan-c

I updated the AllKiller.ini here,149708.msg1597282.html#msg1597282 with the changes here,149708.msg1755952.html#msg1755952 and also added an "All" group to it.

Seems the best way to use it is to set up a Custom Filter with Available, Not BIOS (since the ini includes BIOS files), and the AllKiller.ini group of your choice.

95   Project Announcements / Re: Hoping for a neato idea.on June 15, 2024, 11:59:32 am

Started by Zakk - Last post by Zakk

I'm in the shallow end of the pool it seems.  8)

No matter! I think I've arrived at a solution. I plan to box out the area with another piece of 5x5. I'll then line the inside with acrylic smoked mirror. I'll install a hook in the center at the top, then I can hang/display almost anything in there. I think the first item will be a hypercube, which honestly should look pretty kickass, like a 21st century disco ball. Then I can rotate in a lighted 1/350 enterprise, and maybe even a space 1999 eagle (loved the look of those ships as a kid). it also leaves the option of adding in say a lighted "nintendo" sign or something like that in there, just to keep it fresh.

I also think a very slow motor to turn the cube would be in order. Since there will be a power cord, maybe an arduino control so that it only rotates so far before reversing, would also allow me to adjust the speed I think.

96   GroovyMAME / Need help with groovymameon June 15, 2024, 11:34:56 am

Started by Immortalhate666 - Last post by Immortalhate666

I have a HP Mini Desktop w/ AMD A10-9700E R7 3GHz CPU 8GB RAM Win10

Model:  EliteDesk 705 G3

When im in vmmaker there are no options to select inputs ?its blank, It only has a vga port thats all?
And its not showing up for the emulation?
Any hell will be Appreciated


Started by jabbamonkey - Last post by lilshawn

sometimes windows for some reason will just.... NOT format an sd card for some reason. something goes sideways and it will just refuse to create or delete partitions.

in these cases i found that i can resort to the guys who made the whole sd card standard...

sdformatter has formatted quite a number of cards that widows just errors out trying to do anything with.

Started by samco - Last post by ThatOneSeong

Happy Saturday!

Have you been waiting to try out OpenFIRE, or take a peek and a whack at contributing?
Well, wait no more: the first official Release (Candidate*) of the OpenFIRE Firmware & Desktop App are finally public!

*(Release Candidate, for those who aren't into development lingo, means that it's as close to final as we can independently verify on our own, but there might be some bugs we haven't found yet. If you happen to find any, please, make use of the Issues board on the repositories!)

You can find documentation on the respective pages' READMEs, the Firmware's Wiki, or the 'enclosed instruction book' for more information!
And for those who might be following from my prior endeavors, this will be a noticeable improvement in nearly every way. I genuinely hope the people enjoy it.  ;D
Firmware Release
Desktop App Release

Started by geecab - Last post by geecab

Hi GPForverer2024!

>>Yes a burning effect would be great so I think the outline of Monaco GP should be less pink or more pale yellow right?

How about these? Monaco GP letters I've reduced glow and redness. The Sega logo I've removed glow.


Started by jabbamonkey - Last post by jabbamonkey

So, I've been trying to get my Raspberry Pi 3B+ Arcade machine together...  Had a question about SD cards. I was placing an image onto an SD card (using Win32DiskImager) and got a message:

"Writing to a physical device can corrupt the device. Are you sure you want to continue."

So, I had a question ... if the SD card isn't working (is probably corrupted), can I format the SD card and use it as normal (burning another image onto it). Or, is the SD card completely done and corrupted, and can't have any other images placed onto it?
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