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Started by tommyinajar - Last post by geecab

>>Simplest and cheapest wat to get A "Pole Position" to play "Pole Position"

I hacked a PS2 mouse ages ago to do this. It may not look like the most elegant solution, but its very robust, there are no shortage of parts and mine has been working perfectly for a decade. Its very accurate too, though you have to 'gear up' the mouse axis for the best resolution. I did this with a couple of technic lego cogs.

Have a look at the  thread for my scratch built pole position cab. In one of my posts there's a close up of my mouse hack and I mention the lego cogs part numbers.

Hope this helps :)

12   Everything Else / Re: So I've been building an ultralighton Yesterday at 11:01:43 am

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by RandyT

This is what $900 of weighing looks like

I would have been tempted to find the center of balance and put a bottle jack on a scale :)

13   Lightguns / Re: Best light gun ever - fight meon Yesterday at 10:55:09 am

Started by pbj - Last post by RandyT

Police Trainer was better than Point Blank.

I won't argue that Police Trainer isn't a good game, but it's a more repetitive and sterile experience.  Point blank is far more polished and varied, which can be expected considering it had better hardware to build upon.  Police trainer gets boring a LOT quicker.

14   Everything Else / Re: So I've been building an ultralighton Yesterday at 09:04:11 am

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by bobbyb13

I like the technique here!
What was the final number?

Started by Zebidee - Last post by Ond

Thanks Scott, I've taken your suggestions into consideration. I've added more of the alignment tabs to increase the strength along the seam. I'm open to further refining the design to include some of the other things but I'm also mindful of keeping the parts count to a minimum to make it as accessible to everyone as possible.

Zebidee kindly provided some of his original artwork that went onto the GreenAntz PCB. I've taken the most workable of that in terms of 3D printing and crafted it a bit for a single snap on logo.  Some concept renders to show color combo's:

The logo printed in green with snap on posts:

An example case printed in black with the logo attached.  It's a good tight snap on fit, a bit of glue on each post would make it permanent.

Adding holes for light pipes re: the Sync and power LED is no problem. I'll leave that to Zeb to ponder for a bit. One thing to keep in mind is light pipes are not very effective with low luminescence LEDS. They work just OK with reasonably bright ones.


16   Main Forum / Re: Suggestion screen sizeon Yesterday at 07:31:45 am

Started by loffer - Last post by loffer

Thanks, I appreciate your input!

Started by JayBee - Last post by ar2r

I have recently built a gun using arduino micro board and connected pretty much everything to it. All seams to work well but when i press right nothing happens. Button connected to pin 12 and tested on other board. I have also noticed that when rgb led is not connected the pins for directions are in different places. Is this expected? Same behaviour on all my micro boards

using firmware 2.58 - micro

with the same board in latest batocera when i press any direction I am getting double press. Have not experienced this on pro micro board. Any one seen this before?

P.S. thanks for a great project

18   Everything Else / Re: So I've been building an ultralighton July 21, 2024, 08:57:07 pm

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by danny_galaga

This is what $900 of weighing looks like

Started by Rocketeer2001 - Last post by tiger1900

Thank you @lilshawn for isolating the circuits in the drawing.

I also agree, even though this original 2SC5144 (Q418) tests fine, I'm replacing it (especially since it shot fire). I've had a similar occurrence where a component tested fine outside of a circuit, but not while in operation. @Rocketeer2001 I'm reusing the silicone isolator, after a cleaning, I found it to be in good physical condition.

Latest: Anyone know where I can find a genuine 2SC5144? I'm in the USA and I can't decipher if a seller has an actual genuine supply. :dunno

Reason: I just received an order, and comparing these to what was factory installed, there's a huge difference in their quality and appearance. Out of the two received, one tested bad out of the box.

Has anyone used these? Are they fake? Anyone recommend where can I get a couple of good ones?

Thanks for your assistance.

20   Lightguns / Re: Best light gun ever - fight meon July 21, 2024, 12:13:40 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by pbj

Police Trainer was better than Point Blank.
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