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Started by jabbamonkey - Last post by jabbamonkey

Alright... so, I used the Raspberry Pi imager to place the batocera image (that I got from batocera) onto my SD card. And, when I booted the arcade machine using the NEW Raspberry Pi 3B+ board and the NEW SD card with the burned image .... it loaded!  But, the image I downloaded had only about 5 roms, and wasn't configured for my machine.  I am in the midst of downloaded a "fully loaded" batocera image (hopefully that's better, and will save me time uploading roms and images). 

So, my old SD card just showed a red light on the RaspPi board when I turned it on. This new card showed the red light, with a flashing green light (which I assume shows activity). I checked the old SD card, and it doesn't appear to be corrupted (I see file contents when I check the SD card on my PC). Any idea why it isn't working, or what could be wrong? (Ideally, I'd like to get this SD card working ... since it already has the roms and the controller settings configured). Like... maybe its the SD card itself, and the Raspberry Pi board isn't reading it for some reason ... so is there a way to "rip" the image from the SD card, and burn it to another SD card?

And, in case I need to access the roms from my old SD card ... is there a way to do this? I checked the folders on the old SD card, but there were no roms or rom folders (my knowledge of this stuff is VERY limited ... I have raspberry pi running the game on an "arcade" TV monitor, and use a Windows machine for other stuff ... and assume this is a "linux" thing).

2   GroovyMAME / Re: Error Log Location?on Today at 10:05:23 am

Started by schoeps - Last post by grendelrt

its a command on the command line, mame.exe romname -v >romname.txt should output it to your root folder.

Started by jabbamonkey - Last post by jabbamonkey

Ok ... I bought a new SD card. In the midst of downloading an image... (taking a long time). Hopefully when I add them to the SD card, it will work...

4   GroovyMAME / Error Log Location?on Today at 09:12:02 am

Started by schoeps - Last post by schoeps

I have a few games that just "kickback" to attract mode when selected and I am loking to troubleshoot, but cant find the dang error logs! Any help apprecaited!

Started by SailorSat - Last post by Maillouski

Sailors at, I've been watching this topic since the beginning, it is awesome that you are working again on the flashing cars !

Started by SailorSat - Last post by SailorSat

Oh dear... Considering Super GT 24h - You need to have them wired "backwards" (or switch the player number of 2 and 4)

PC1 - Player 1 of 4
PC2 - Player 4 of 4
PC3 - Player 3 of 4
PC4 - Player 2 of 4

and yes, did not work in MAME either...

7   Project Announcements / Hoping for a neato idea.on Today at 01:39:50 am

Started by Zakk - Last post by Zakk

So finally got around to completely restoring my 20+ year old cabinet. Almost everything except the marquee light and the control interface board had failed. PC, monitor, and of course the at-the-time NOS wico grommets.

So replaced everything, re-taught myself how it all works, and bob's yer uncle. But since I was renovating the basement, and I had some beefy 5" beams looking for a use, I built it a little cubby. With the 9 foot ceilings, it leaves a fair bit of space over the cab. So wondering if anyone has any ideas what might look cool in there. The basement is being redone with a 70's/80's "ski chalet motif" since it's in a log house in the mountains (and the basement had been done in drywall and drop ceilings). My thought had been to suspend a fully lit model of the Enterprise A... but I also considered a lit shelf which might showcase some rare games/consoles. I don't really just want to hang a lighted beer sign or something (I've got those elsewhere), but just keep staring at it and thinking something really cool could go there. I'd put a lit star destroyer, but with the current state of star wars (and star trek isn't much better to be honest), I thought maybe even one of the new TOS enterprise models...

Anyone have a better idea for this spot? I can build anything, but coming up with the ideas is meh. I also don't want to use AI when I have access to this wonderful pool of retro nostalgia minds. Area is 35"W 23"H and 25" D.

It's funny, the cabinet is massive, but building a TALL enclosure makes it look kind of tiny.

8   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: fooling with m2emu networkon Yesterday at 10:17:51 pm

Started by SailorSat - Last post by SailorSat

Guess it's time to update the initial post in this thread.

Today I bring you... M2EM 1.1c ( grab a copy at )
the network code for receiving data has been fixed - this allows most games to link up.
Super GT 24h still feels like gambling for some reason.

On that note - I fixed the script for indy500 and added scripts for waverunr and stcc to boot reliable.
you can find the scripts at

( click on the script you want, then click on the download icon in the top right corner )

As for the flickering cars issue...
I now know for sure there is a timing issue!

If I slow down the network even a little bit, basically all error disappear - be it link up issues (without scripts that is) or flickering cars.
Still trying to figure out the timing logic in m2em... so there may be a 1.1d someday.
I'll do some tests on my setup with slowing down the network by "external" ( m2lagfix 2.0? :) ) - as I found the offset for the audio rate, I should be able to fix any stuttering that a slight slowdown would introduce.

9   Restorations & repair / Re: Sega Mega-Tech Restorationon Yesterday at 03:55:08 pm

Started by mourix - Last post by mourix

10   Restorations & repair / Re: Sega Mega-Tech Restorationon Yesterday at 03:54:24 pm

Started by mourix - Last post by mourix

I wonder if sega CD would play through an ever drive pro.

Not all Mega Drive signals are present on the cart connectors, so not even all Everdrives work. It would be an interesting one but I highly doubt it would work.
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