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1   Project Announcements / Re: Verticade: bartop + vpinon Yesterday at 07:34:28 pm

Started by basbase - Last post by Ond

I'm also a fan of this especially since you are running one of the Pro Pinball (Timeshock!) games on it.  The physics simulation in them was way ahead of their time. I've played various versions of Timeshock! including the remake Ultra edition. Timeshock! Ultra does not play well on lower end PCs though. I'm not sure if you know, but it is possible to update/customize the music tracks on these games.  The standard music tracks are fine, but it's also fun to mod them.!  :cheers:

Started by Pokelord15 - Last post by Pokelord15

Do you have a link to them?

Started by Pokelord15 - Last post by tlandrews


Started by Pokelord15 - Last post by Pokelord15

Hi!, I recently joined because I've been hunting for the countertop arcade games my family's bar used to own and one of them was the JVL Echo. I was wondering if there was any way to download, play, or use the games and or software without the actual devices? Thanks a ton and sorry if this has been asked previously.

5   Lightguns / Re: VR lighthouse based tracking for lightgunson Yesterday at 05:09:15 pm

Started by Toasty833 - Last post by Migcar

Hello everyone, I had already started a similar project in Unity and posted it in a topic here on the forum, but I abandoned it for various reasons. I then started a different project, for now, I won't say what it is, but it contains useful code related to the topic of this thread and which I used to create this small program, this time using OpenVR and DX11. If you want to take a look, here is the executable, and there is a readme in the archive.

6   Project Announcements / Re: Verticade: bartop + vpinon Yesterday at 04:19:31 pm

Started by basbase - Last post by Malenko

I love everything about this. Any plans for art/vinyl/paint?

Started by TapeWormInYourGut - Last post by SuperMagoAlex

Thanks! Don't worry about uploading images, I'll try with AI upscaler too  :)

8   Merit/JVL Touchscreen / Re: PIN not found.on Yesterday at 10:17:24 am

Started by Tibere - Last post by Tibere

Sorry for the delay in responding friend.

Well, as soon as I have time I will try to do what you said.

For now, thank you very much for your help.
As soon as I find something I will post the results here again.

Thank you very much :)
other than trying random things like "0000" "1111" "1234" there was no default code... JVL had no code originally so someone put one on there.

you'll have to reset the system to clear out the it's stored in the IO board. you'll have to remove the battery on it to clear the memory in it (difficult in this machine, as it's soldered in place.)... then boot it up and reset or reinstall the software to original state to totally clear it out and start fresh.

there is a good chance your IO board is going to need the battery replaced anyway... now is a good time to do it.

that said, if someone who owned this machine had megatouch machines too, they may have reused the code from that to keep them the same...the code for those is "4123" and older ones "4777"

if you do manage to get in, you can clear out the code, or change it to something you will remeber.

Started by TapeWormInYourGut - Last post by TapeWormInYourGut

I had to put them together myself  :(

I went to their official site and chose their "normal mode" version without animations since it loaded all of the characters at the same time. I then scraped the content off of their pages. I think I also scraped some images that were only available in the "enhanced" version of their site, but were a bit more difficult to grab.

The quality isn't really suitable for printing, so I then ran them through AI upscalers a few times in order to create high resolution versions. I've tried dozens and the best results came from which also attempts to recreate the image rather than simply upscaling. But that site has a daily limit, so it took a few days to get through the ones that I wanted. The upscaled versions make everything look good, but it looses some texture detail. So I took the original low quality version, stretched it to the same size as the AI upscaled version, and then blended specific areas to get some of the detail back.

I created the background images and then created the montage of characters. I added additional lighting/shadow effects to the characters and the background after everything was in place. Otherwise the lighting didn't match and it looked too much like they were clipped together.

The logos needed a bit more work as well. I upscaled the original logo, but then I overlaid new text to make a cleaner logo. I was able to match the same font and spacing, and just overlaid it. The side logos were completely recreated since I already had the font and everything.

I don't really want to provide the final artwork because I want my cab to be a little unique, but I can provide the scraped content and upscaled/enhanced images. Only a small subset that I used have been upscaled though. I can provide the cleaned logos as well. It's a 500mb download though... Let me know and I'll try to upload it somewhere and PM you a temporary link. You'd have to use them to create your own artwork.

10   Project Announcements / Re: Custom Lightgun Cab *completed*on Yesterday at 02:28:47 am

Started by TapeWormInYourGut - Last post by SuperMagoAlex

Hi, nice project!  :applaud:

I'm looking for house of the dead printable artworks but I can't find anything, can I ask you where did you find the scarlet dawn ones?
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