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Started by muell67 - Last post by FastEddie

I would like to buy that bezel for a curved screen if the first person doesn't want it. 

PM on its way.

If you're still interested, I have one new in box I will be posting on multiple sites.

Started by joebob8000 - Last post by AmodeoV

Bump... Have the same problem with a red board.   Have a Green G4C that is working.

3   Main Forum / Re: 1982 - The Gameon Yesterday at 07:29:10 pm

Started by RandyT - Last post by LTC

I bought it on Steam many years ago. I revisit it now and again. It is a lot of fun.

4   Consoles / Re: PS3 blueson Yesterday at 07:25:49 pm

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by danny_galaga

Remember Jennifer? They are on a different forum that I'm on crapping on my thread. That's enough oddness right there.

I am surprised she found a place that will put up with her ---That which is odiferous and causeth plants to grow---.

After she was booted here she went to KLOV and got booted within a few months.

They joined April 2021. So they've lasted over a year so far!

5   Everything Else / Re: RIP - The Dead Celebrity Threadon Yesterday at 07:14:41 pm

Started by Ginsu Victim - Last post by Robbbert

Christine McVie, of the band Fleetwood Mac, dead at 79.

Started by anchounio - Last post by nugarp

I'm currently sitting on 9 linked machines, though I do not have any intention of installing all of the games, I'll go one step further and include the # of players you can play on the ones I know...

This list is based on the one created by Vandale in the topic "List of Network multiplayer capable games for twin converted cabs", page 4. That was a topic about ALL racing PC games supporting multiplayer, including PC, and all emulated systems (consoles, arcade.....)
 So, I've prefered to create a new topic just for the arcade emulated ones, so I can keep the list updated in the first page, first post here.   I'm also adding links to other topics created at this forum to help newbies configurate the emulators.

F1 Superlap
Outrunners 4x2 = 8
Virtua Racing / Virtua Formula 8
Rad Rally
Stadium Cross
(more info in,166363.0.html)

MAME,  no LAN required, just 2 monitors in the same PC:
Cool Riders
GP Rider
F1 Exhaust Note
World Rally 2

These games originally run with 2 monitors connected in the same PCB for multiplayer. There was no LAN at all, so only 2 players were allowed. That's why in MAME they run 2 game screens by default. Anyway, these 2 screens can be configurated in MAME to be displayed in two monitors. In order to play these games in 2 pc's I considered linking 2 mame instaces with kaillera, netplay or similar, but I found out this is not possible by now.
(more info in,166518.0.html)

MAME requiring a virtual TAP network:
California Speed
Cart Fury
Road Burners
San Francisco Rush
San Francisco Rush: The Rock
San Francisco Rush 2049
(more info in,161667.0.html)

MAME, multiplayer in some Namco driving games is being worked-in-progress by a mame developer. By now, only 2 games are linkable in 2 players mode with a special mame build:
Ridge Racer 2
Raver Racer
Ace Driver (WIP, still not available)
(more info in,165638.0.html)

MODEL 2 EMULATOR, games that can get a reliable link connection:
Daytona USA 8
Daytona USA Turbo
Daytona USA to the MAxx
Sega Rally 4
Sega Rally Pro Drivin
ManxTT 8
Motor Raid (requires lua script SailorSat created) 4
Indy 500 (requires lua script SailorSat created) 8

MODEL 2 EMULATOR games that cannot get a reliable link connection:
Wave Racer
Sega Touring Cars

MODEL 2 EMULATOR games that cannot get a connection at all:
24hr GT Model 2
Over Rev

Scud Race
Scud Race Plus 8
Harley Davidson
Sega Rally 2
Dirt Devils
Daytona 2
Daytona 2 Power Edition 16

Alien Front
Club Kart 2003
Faster Than Speed
Maximum Speed
Wave Runner GP
Initial D 3
King of Route 66
(more info in,166191.0.html )

Arcade PC (teknoparrot emulator):
Battle Gear 4
Battle Gear 4 Tuned
Chase HQ 2
Daytona Championship USA 8
Dirty Drivin 8
Disney Pixar Cars
Fast & Furious Supercars 4
Ford Racing Full Blown 6
Gti Club
H2 Overdrive 8
Initial D 5
Initial D 6 2
Initial D 7
Initial D 8
Mario Kart DX 4
Outrun 2 SP SDX 4
Road Fighters 3D
Sega Racing Classic 4
Sega Rally 3 6
Storm Racer G 8
Valve Limit R
Wacky Races 4
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 4
Winter X Games SnoCross

Yes I'm missing a number of games that are listed as link able but I cant for the life of me get them working, they are:
KO Drive
Initial D 4 (Jap)
Test Drive

I've left out most of the Fast and Furious games as they are rubbish.

And these are the games that are not supported yet (teknoparrot):
Tokyo Cop
Sega All Stars
Sega Race TV
R Tuned
Nicktoons Nitro Racing
Initial D Zero
Gaelco Champ Tuning Race

7   Main Forum / Re: Converting Hot Rod to USB the best way?on Yesterday at 04:23:24 pm

Started by tommyinajar - Last post by Malenko

cheapest or best?

IPAC, or APAC (if you want analog for a spinner)
cheapest... a couple of zero delay boards?

8   GroovyMAME / Re: emu4crt Mednafen mod - update 1.26.1on Yesterday at 04:12:46 pm

Started by silmalik - Last post by contemplator

Had some issues with the system, so anything unstable looked like a no-go  :scared
I managed to reinstall 1.29 .. good old mednafen!
I will try 1.31 for ST-V when I grab some time. Tnx!

9   Main Forum / Converting Hot Rod to USB the best way?on Yesterday at 03:12:01 pm

Started by tommyinajar - Last post by tommyinajar

 The old purple (Hanna??) Joystick had 2 Ps/2 ports -By the time I buy adapter and cable...

 What would be the best, cheapest, Easiest way to  add a USB 20000's interface? Maybe with a spinner!

I have my Mag sticks in there now, love it!

Started by jermz1 - Last post by GamingDoyle

Hi, sorry I know this thread is very old, but do you know who manufactured these or if they are still being sold?
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