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1   Everything Else / Re: So ... 3d Printers....on Today at 05:14:55 pm

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by pbj

So I need basically the simplest thing in the world printed.... more or less this design:

I had an outlet installed in my gameroom, but it's mounted to a brick wall that was covered with sheetrock.  (God bless the former owners)  So that means about 9/16" of electrical box is exposed between sheetrock and back of the outlet face plate.  (I was made aware of this before the electrician installed it and I told him to do it anyway)

All I need is a rectangular frame that lines up with the edges of my wall plate cover.  The edges have to be narrow because it needs to clear the mounting tabs of the outlet itself.  I made one out of wood but it was too thick and looked dumb.  Right now I've got it covered with a few wraps of black velcro tape.  Your eye passes over it, and it's better than exposed metal, but I'd like something more finished. 

That's a company that makes these rings, but I'd need three of them:

And the pricing seems absurd.


Started by JV - Last post by JV

So I found a solution to my problem, just putting it here in case anybody else has the same issue.

My solution was in RocketLauncherUI on Global -> Main Settings tab -> Mark 'Suspend Frontend' as true.

This fixed my issue across all my emulators.

Started by Megatouchmike - Last post by lilshawn

hi Mike, sent you a PM about a week ago and haven't heard back. Could I get you to have a look at it and get back to me? Thanks!

4   Main Forum / What is necessary to run LED Blinky?on Today at 03:37:39 pm

Started by Temp123 - Last post by Temp123

Even if I go to the manufacturers sites - that LED Blinky lists on; the schematics are very basic to non-existent.

So, if I wanted to create a setup where the LED/RGB Buttons change colors/blink to the beat of the music on whatever game is on the PC - what is needed?

A controller such PacLED64, the buttons and wires that come with the buttons and LED Blinky, and that's it?

Someone said they can do the same thing with an Arduino board, but I'm not 100% what an Arduino board is or that I still wouldn't need a separate controller..

Started by bubba1212 - Last post by lilshawn

if you go into the diagnostic menu and select "switch test", check to see that the gas pedal is at zero when it's released and goes to max when pressed down. (should be like 128 or something) make sure the pedal is returning properly. if it is, do a calibration on the wheel/pedal.

pretty sure the computer has to se the value go to ZERO, if it's stopping at 10 or something it wont register you've "released" it.

Started by myazgan - Last post by lilshawn

you sure it's not just your eye pupils adjusting for the light of the monitor?

place a static image on the screen and see if it's doing it.

not sure what you mean by "flashes"... periods of bright white is what i think of when someone says "flash" could be a problem with the signal going into the tube not being even... could also be a voltage or blanking problem. hard to tell from your description.

the chassis B+ voltage will bounce around as the screen image changes... dark images or black will show a high voltage... bright screens and white will show lower voltages. (as the tube consumes power to make the image) again, place a static non moving image on the screen and see if the voltage changes. it should only vary a tiny bit, not more than say... a 0.2 of a volt? its going to depend on lots of things. if it's still wildly swinging around even with a static non moving image, i'd look into the main B+ capacitors and replacing them if you haven't already.

Started by firedance - Last post by firedance

Should have said it's "Layouts" for MAME that puts the marquee up there, all the hard work is done by the creators of Coinops.

Started by bubba1212 - Last post by bubba1212

Running Dirty Drivin (TP) and hitting the gas pedal twice is supposed to jump at certain points in the race.  It doesn't work for me. I know it is minor but my kid loves this game.


9   Lightguns / Rambo start button not workingon Today at 10:42:06 am

Started by bubba1212 - Last post by bubba1212

I've had Rambo (Teknoparrot) working in the past, I went to play it today (been a few months) and I can't get past the start screen.  I have coin and start properly mapped and working for other TP games but it doesn't work for Rambo.  I've tried various button as well.  I'm running TP

Any ideas?

10   Audio/Jukebox/MP3 Forum / Re: DW Jukeboxon Today at 09:05:05 am

Started by Jukeboxmike - Last post by Gregted

Building a man shed soon and talked about building a jukebox so this is the perfect program for me.

I just installed it but it seems to load my mp3s without an artist.

Is there a format for the file name.

At the moment I have eg.. Eric Clapton -  Tears in heaven as a file name but the program has various artists as the artist.

Any help appreciated.

Also did you find a suitable template for the cabinet buiild?
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