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91   Project Announcements / Re: Making SEGA Genesis cartridgeson May 30, 2023, 05:29:14 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by bulldawg

I think I found it.  It looks like it would work but you'd have to make some kind of adapter to reroute the pins.  The 27C160s are about 75-80 cents each in bulk, so I'll let you make that determination as to "is it worth it."


Thanks for the help, Yeah I believe it to be easier to just get the right ones. Do you have a suggestion on where to buy or is ebay the best option?

Started by galla22k - Last post by RandyT

Awesome! Thank you very much. One last favor, does yours also have the gray ribbon cable like mine? If so, could you take one more pic where that splits back into colored wires? If it doesn't, no worries. Thanks again!

Did you figure it out? Could you share the Order of Colors? I am running into the same issue as you. I may get this cable and try:


Just a word of caution, if you get it wrong, it will very likely destroy the spinner.  The colors on a random cable assembly are meaningless, so if you need this information, PM me or more preferably, contact me through the technical support address on the GGG website.

93   Everything Else / Re: GPU Prices: AI is the new Cryptoon May 30, 2023, 03:03:34 pm

Started by RandyT - Last post by RandyT

sems nvidia has shifted its focus a bit... which is why perhaps the development of their gpus have kind of stalled. coughcoughtiversiononly10percentbettercoughcough

Nvidia has never really been a "gaming gpu" focused company.  They do it really well and it helps to fund the technology, but they have always catered first and foremost to business applications.  Gamers get the stripped down stuff, so it doesn't eat into the high dollar market significantly.  I guess they didn't want to buy ARM to make gaming GPU's, but everyone knew that.

That is an interesting offering. I guess it remains to be seen how well it's accepted in the marketplace and how many gigadollars one of those boxes will cost at the time of deployment.  But I also saw a fairly well-reasoned argument for Nvidia's climb to be short lived.  The growth and circumstances are extremely similar to what Cisco experienced at the dawn of the Internet bubble.  Everyone figured they were unstoppable because they were well established in the driving technologies of Internet.  While they had a good couple of years, their stock eventually tanked when more competition arose, and they no longer had a significant stranglehold on the technology.  This situation doesn't appear to be significantly dissimilar, unless you believe that only Nvidia is able to pull it off at scale.

94   Project Announcements / Re: Making SEGA Genesis cartridgeson May 30, 2023, 02:57:39 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by lilshawn

thats hilarious, i do the opposite... i use my game genie to plug in curved SFC games to my square ass console. i could mod it to take them, but i'm lazy

95   Main Forum / Re: Player 3 or 4 button layouton May 30, 2023, 01:11:03 pm

Started by mixlplex - Last post by Xiaou2

Advice:  Never Curve a Button Layout

1)  Most everyones keyboard keys are in a straight line, and your fingers remain bent, to get better leverage to press them

2)  Everyones finger lengths are different,  so even if you had the finger strength to press a button from a completely flat-hand finger spread...
each person that tried to fit your layout with their handshape... might have alignment issues... where their fingers dont fit your layout.

3)  I can only assume that the Japanese cabinets can partially get away with this,  because they use Flat or convex buttons, with low-activation force switches.
I personally still cant fathom how anyone can use a flat hand to press these buttons for any extended period of time.  You have far less leverage force, and it
would be incredibly fatiguing, even with low activation force switches.

 I also prefer the US standard Concave buttons.  The shape funnels your fingers into the center of the button, and helps prevent your fingers
from easily sliding out of them.   Its also much more Comfy.

4) As Badmouth said..  Its too easy to Lose track of which buttons that your fingers are on / over.  You might accidentally also press the side edges of a button,
due to misalignment.  With a Straight Layout, your fingers are always in-line with all of the buttons, no matter what size/shape your hand/fingers are.

While there are some Ergonomic Keyboards with a curve... they tend to be a very shallow curve, and your fingers remain bent while operating them.
With these large sized arcade buttons, the spacing is too large... so the curve becomes much too steep.

The amount of space you might save from curved layouts, is very Minimal at best,  and really isnt worth the control issues.

 The only exception, is a lower-thumb button...  like the Run button in MK3.   Since its only a single button that isnt pressed often, it works fine as
something you can quickly reach for, with an extended thumb.

 The only other thing Id personally do, with a button layout.. is to have at least One, Classic Leafswitch button.
These are excellent for Rapidfire shooters, as they are much less fatiguing for high-speed repeat-firing games  (like Halley's Comet).

 If you only have 4 buttons,  a diamond shape isnt that bad... but honestly, Id still always stick to a  2x2  straight line.
Diagonal button layouts are only really good for Gamepads, because you can roll your thumb on them like a d-pad.
Even then... I still preferred the Genesis straight line button layout.

 Large arcade buttons are different, because you cant easily switch from horizontal resting, to the top and bottom buttons.
When the buttons are in two straight line rows,  its easily to slide both fingers from one set of buttons, to the other set.

96   Main Forum / Ultrastick 360 issues on May 30, 2023, 12:53:20 pm

Started by fazmeister - Last post by fazmeister


A colleague of mine has retrofitted my original Hotrod SE from 20 years ago with Ultrastick 360 joysticks. Originally we were going to use servostiks but came unstuck as there wasn't enough room in the casing to fit the motors. What I've noticed is that they just don't feel right. I miss the click and the throw is too long, feedback is definitely an issue. I've done some research on the Ultimarc website and although the mapping software is pretty comprehensive it just doesn't feel right. For example Robotron with both joysticks set to either 8 way or 8way easy diagonal is nothing like the feel from the original and I struggle to hit the right direction sometimes/ Would a different spring help and a restrictor plate help ? I know the restrictor basically makes the analogue function moot but I'm looking for the most authentic experience with Mame for old arcade games, not planning to use it for anything else. Would appreciate any advice, regards DAve

Started by arzoo - Last post by Awch

Here's another possible option; Ultimarc offers an LED controller for addressable LED strips that is supported by LEDBlinky;

Thanks for that! That was the first controller I looked at. Unfortunately I'll be managing at least 50 RGB bulbs (more if I add strip cabinet lighting) which would require 3 Nanos (if I'm reading the documentation correctly). That's $66 vs $2 (for hundreds of bulbs) for the controllers. I'm also using WLED to talk to my home automation (Home Assistant over WiFi) to allow it to also control the lighting based on its triggers. I'm pretty determined to try to get WLED to work with LEDBlinky if it's remotely possible. If you have any hints on how I might approach it that would be greatly appreciated. If I do write an intermediary broker I will try to make it configurable in case others want to go down this path. Thanks so much!

98   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Twin Cabinet Buildon May 30, 2023, 11:41:33 am

Started by Fursphere - Last post by Fursphere

Start working on a dashboard over the weekend.  Used some 2020 aluminum extrusion I had from other project (3D printer build), printed some brackets, and added some hardboard  So far so good.  Also made the speaker panels, which have the 4" speakers pointing downward at a 45 degree angle.  This is a departure from the original Daytona cabinets, but I'm happy with it. 

I've been working on my twin cabinet alignment issues as well.   I noticed that the with the 'heads' aligned and bolted together with the marquee topper, the bases were in a "V" shape, with about 1" difference.  So I made a solid steel brace for the rear of the bases to lock them together, and now I need to realign the heads.  Player 1 is now 'tweaked' a little.   Not sure how I want to fix that yet.  But I have to tear everything apart, so I figure its time to cut the t-molding too. 

99   Main Forum / Re: Player 3 or 4 button layouton May 30, 2023, 10:59:35 am

Started by mixlplex - Last post by Fursphere

I solved this problem by building two two-player cabinets, then linking them together for four player games. 

Four adults on a single cabinet is cramped (unless you build the Castle Crashers Behemoth Cabinet and the button layouts are always some kind of comprise.

100   Everything Else / Re: GPU Prices: AI is the new Cryptoon May 30, 2023, 10:43:20 am

Started by RandyT - Last post by lilshawn

Some are speculating that Nvidia will become one of the biggest companies in the world, due to AI.  Personally, I have my doubts.

judged by the hardware i saw on the last LTT video i saw, (as grating as he is) it could very well be...

sems nvidia has shifted its focus a bit... which is why perhaps the development of their gpus have kind of stalled. coughcoughtiversiononly10percentbettercoughcough
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