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Started by Onji - Last post by Onji

Thanks @buttersoft yeah I'm leaning more towards the "it'll be fine" side so far.

Started by SpaceHedgehog - Last post by SpaceHedgehog

Cheers vertexguy  :cheers:

It's pretty stable - no chance of this tilting. It's damn heavy!

Started by Schwing - Last post by Schwing

Thanks Kagaden & Xul for the feedback, I had hoped that settings lower than 17 would also work on most systems, but it really seems to be quite picky about the processor (although I had some variations on my bartop, so other factors seem to influence results), but glad to know that it works nonetheless.
For reference,
My system is:
Windows 10 Pro
Processor   AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor                3.80 GHz
Installed RAM   32.0 GB
Edition   Windows 10 Pro
Version   21H1
OS build   19043.1288
Experience   Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0
Nvidia 1070Ti

2ms works fine on this system.

My kids' system:
Processor   Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz   4.20 GHz
Installed RAM   16,0 Go
Édition   Windows 10 Professionnel
Version   20H2
OS build   19042.1288
Expérience   Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0
Nvidia Quadro K620

10 ms works fine on this one.

4   Main Forum / Re: PC Requirementson Today at 02:11:10 am

Started by TJ335 - Last post by slybunda

I have an old Lenovo q180 that runs a intel atom d2700. It runs mame fine for stuff like neogeo, cps1 and 2 and all old games liie pacman etc. Havent tried it for stuff like 3d games etc but its impressive in the stuff i used it for.
Iv got a tv in the kitchen and a lenovo q190 on it which runs mame and does very well with its celeron 1017u cpu which is sandy bridge or ivybridge architecture.

5   Project Announcements / Re: Pac-Man Legionon Today at 01:48:55 am

Started by Ond - Last post by Zebidee

Love your work Ond, lot of innovation there. Thanks for the video too, real bonus.

Was just thinking is a shame to just use an arcade button for on/off. They are too easy to press accidentally, and don't have the right look IMHO. I think it'd look better with a proper on/off button that has to be fully depressed with a fairly firm action. You can also get them with LEDs in, which would make it clear whether it is on off.

Pics attached of a few shiny buttons from my small collection. The plain button is simple momentary switch and I use one of these on my main arcade cabinet. The ones with the power symbol are momentary as well. These would look good and purpose clear, but they have a hexagonal bezel (I think you'd be better off with a circular bezel for style consistency with the Pac etc).

EDIT: I haven't actually used he power symbol buttons yet, so removed some comments I wasn't 100% sure about.

6   Project Announcements / Re: Pac-Man Legionon Today at 12:31:05 am

Started by Ond - Last post by bobbyb13

Thanks for taking time to shoot and edit that Ond.
Fun to watch and awesome to see you get some success with that plan.

Love the next level stuff here all the time.

7   Consoles / Re: NES/Famicom Multicartson Yesterday at 11:10:14 pm

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by pbj

Something to be said about stroking a stack of cartridges.

I opened up my Top Loader NES and snapped a photo of the expansion audio resistor.  Ignore the other wires, those are from my RCA out mod.  Ordinarily this resistor is wrapped in electrical tape.  With short leads and close to the motherboard I was getting hum.

8   Woodworking / Re: How to Design Front Door of Cabinet?on Yesterday at 10:15:44 pm

Started by optimusq - Last post by optimusq

Interesting.  I was looking at latches, but something like this might work.  I'll take a closer look, thanks!

Started by SpaceHedgehog - Last post by vertexguy

Looking good!  How's the tip factor when you lean your weight on the edge of the CP?

10   Main Forum / Re: Welcome to the Raspberry Pi 4 LOVE Fest ;)on Yesterday at 08:43:03 pm

Started by javeryh - Last post by nitrogen_widget

That's good info - speeding things up is always a plus.

The front end is Attract Mode, not MAME.  bbegin's image comes with regular MAME front-end/menu plus AdvanceMENU and Attract Mode as proper front ends.  I haven't tested AdvanceMENU but Attract Mode works as expected.  You can put whatever theme you want in the layout folder and it should work.  My goal was to get something like ArcadeSD up and running, which is why I chose that theme.   :cheers:

i'm so out of touch with rpi stuff.
only just got back into mine with the weather turning yucky.

I have a new SSD coming to put this image on.
I think last yr i put killer instinct on the pi4 and it was laggy.
however i didn't realize until later on that mame was running at 1080p
so it might work at a lower res.

or there is this backasswords method.

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