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1   Project Announcements / Re: DIY Skeeballon Today at 01:02:06 am

Started by retrogamedude - Last post by bobbyb13

This is coming along quite well of course!

Sorry if I missed it earlier...
Did you have a donor available for getting the angles of the playfield right?

I imagine the original looking rolled part you have there is critical to this all working properly.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by bobbyb13

Sorry my reply was so long winded!

I always check your Tully thread when you update so I know the project of which you speak.

I dig it.

If you are spraying then you should be fine but I would use any scrap pieces of stencil you have for a test panel (maybe to try even before you work on the cabinet itself?)
If you don't know the glue character this would be a safe way to make sure you don't have any drama laying down paint and removing your stencil.

Biggest issue might be material compatibility with what is on the cabinet already.
Make sure whatever you are spraying for your stencil art is ok to go over the clear you sealed the yellow with and you should be fine.

Ensure your stencil is well stuck down.
Spraying can sometimes lift stencils or tape.

And don't ever worry about cluttering one of MY threads at least!

3   Consoles / Re: Barney Hide & Seek for Sega Genesison Yesterday at 10:38:27 pm

Started by pbj - Last post by Howard_Casto

He just needs more plastic robots in his life.   Everything's better with Transformers.   

4   Everything Else / Re: 8 bit Christmas.on Yesterday at 10:35:21 pm

Started by Howard_Casto - Last post by Howard_Casto

I've got to imagine that the people this film didn't connect with weren't the target audience.   The way they hit many of the major beats of my childhood around that age was uncanny.   All it was missing was a reference to going to see the wizard in theatres just to catch a glimpse of super mario bros. 3 and it'd be perfect in that regard.   

5   Project Announcements / Re: First Time Build - "Chimera"on Yesterday at 10:23:16 pm

Started by zeorangr - Last post by vertexguy

CP is looking nice in the photos!  Is the button router issue just in the wood paneling or somewhere else?  If it's just the inner wood, thats easy to patch up with some wood filler.  I have photos of me doing that all over on the side pinball button holes in my build thread.    Use a dowel like object with sandpaper on it to smooth it out to perfection.  If you don't notice the issue without going under the hood, then it depends how much of a perfectionist you wanna be.  Keep going!

6   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Sega Model 2 UIon Yesterday at 09:51:05 pm

Started by Nuexzz - Last post by buttersoft

Alright, lets try again. Internet forums are human communication at sevral removes. We can't cue off each other's body language and tone of voice, so other nuances are much more important. The smaller the community you're interacting with is, the more important this becomes. And when you're dealing with second languages it's even more critical.

You waited three days. For a response to a question about a niche software tool on a slow board in a subforum for a relatively obscure hobby. Then, in netiquette terms, you stomped your little foot and rubbed the software author's nose in the fact you were so patient and it was unthinkable they wouldn't help you, all the while completely ignoring the fact you'd inadvertently aggravated them in the first place.

How do you not get this? You're acting like an entitled little princess. You probably aren't one. But you need to work on how you're acting here.

I don't want help from that person anyway.

I would advise backpedalling, fast, and coming at this again. But it's your choice, bud.

7   Driving & Racing Cabinets / Re: Sega Model 2 UIon Yesterday at 09:32:13 pm

Started by Nuexzz - Last post by tangodownNZ

Thank you for your support. The more people asking for this the more chance we have that somebody might help

Wrong response. Dude, this isn't reddit. Or some other gigantic, faceless, nameless community where some other anon is going to rock up and help. This is a specialised piece of free software on a niche hobby subforum. Your best shot was undoubtedly the author, whose integrity you indirectly and perhaps unwittingly questioned. Alright, flagging a virus warning wasn't completely unreasonable, but the author did not take it well. Then, instead of playing nice, maybe explaining your misstep, you proceeded to double down and get cranky.

Nuexzz doesn't owe anything to you or anyone else in this situation. - what the.. I just asked for some help?

I take it you are referring to this comment I made - "I just could not understand why you would not respond when you are probably the only one who knows how to do this. I did wait for a while for a response.
If you could please tell me if there is a way to edit the .ini file to make the windowed resolution larger, not the full screen resolution that would be great. It would help out more people than just me, as I know there are others who are asking me to let them know when a solution has been found."

I politely asked for a response. Then I asked the same question again, how is that bad? And I retracted my original comment that may have caused some offense.

If those sorts of comments are enough to get me black listed and shunned forever because I hurt somebodies feeling over a mildly worded comment then I don't want help from that person anyway. I politely asked for some help which did not come and I would still be waiting for a response now if I didn't mention the virus, so I don't really care anymore. I will find somebody else who can help me, who is not so easily offended, then I will help the community out by simply posting the answer and not make people jump through hoops  or making a huge deal about it.

Started by negative1 - Last post by negative1

MIAMI, FL, Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tastemakers LLCís Arcade1Up, the leader in home retro gaming entertainment, announced today a new collaboration with Showfields to bring the brand to consumers in its first brick and mortar retail experience in New York and Miami.

 For the first time, shoppers can participate in an immersive retro gaming experience with Arcade1Upís premium arcade and pinball machines for the home.   


Started by feltz - Last post by feltz

Whee! Got the oscilloscope up and running, and tested the composite sync out of the video card. Its sitting around 4.9v so i think thats good.

As far as measuring the sync on the y/c luminance channel coming out of my encoder, i have no idea what im looking for  :dizzy:

Any suggestions?

10   Project Announcements / Re: javeryh's Twin Tullyson Yesterday at 07:37:47 pm

Started by javeryh - Last post by Zebidee

Yes, I recall :D

I've removed/cleaned/replaced glass) glass in many real arcade cabs and I can't recall ever seeing tinted glass used. I've asked long-time (30 years) golden-era arcade operators about it, and they didn't use it. I guess the operators were probably only concerned about keeping costs down, though I think tinting doesn't cost more.

Yeah, I've noticed some people like it for their BYOAC cabs and that is also great. You get that deeper monitor well effect, it disguises imperfections and the screen brightness can be tweaked to compensate. It might help cut a bit of glare from household lights (I always turn off a couple behind me when playing my cab inside the house).
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