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Started by lilchae - Last post by lilchae

I have a mini-SLG scanline generator that I no longer need. It's basically new and it won't work with my new build. I'll ship it to anyone for just the cost of shipping. I'm in Northern CA (Bay area). I know they're cheap, but I'd hate to just toss it and I'm sure someone out there could use it.

Started by knave - Last post by dmckean

My 7 year old daughter loves it.

Started by knave - Last post by Howard_Casto

Here's the thing.   Any time steam/valve release a product you shouldn't buy it.   Why?   Well, because they have abandoned every hardware project they have ever released.   It'll be fun until they lose too much money and decide to pull the plug and you are left with a very specialized pc and no more optimized ports left to buy. 

4   Lightguns / Re: SAMCO DIY Arduino Powered IR Light Gunon Yesterday at 07:54:47 pm

Started by samco - Last post by samco

Sorry to bother you, im having issues with the setup of the lightgun, i've bound everything to the PCB and have been trying to upload the code but it is coming up with failures no matter what im attempting.

It seems the problem that comes up is mainly to do with the HID and USB Endpoint, im not sure what that means and need assistance if anyone is able to explain this.

Hi Mate, any chance you can chuck up a screenshot of the IDE (including errors). Might be able to give ya hand.

Started by nipsmg - Last post by nipsmg

Iím normally better about that.  Good point.

6   Main Forum / Re: 1982 - The Gameon Yesterday at 06:14:50 pm

Started by RandyT - Last post by bobbyb13

It does look fun, but nearly past the sensory overload line.

7   Consoles / Re: PS3 blueson Yesterday at 04:09:03 pm

Started by danny_galaga - Last post by danny_galaga

I think lilshawns shop wins the prize  ;D

Started by nipsmg - Last post by lilshawn

where you located at? (please edit and put location in title)

this is just so people who see this and might be interested know what currency this is in... and guesstimates in what shipping costs may be to them.

Started by nipsmg - Last post by nipsmg

All Nighthawk parts fully tested in donor cabinet (See below):

- I/O Board
- CID # 14
- GT Live 2020 Hard Drive (SSD)
- Happ Trackball
- All buttons including lighted buttons
- Wiring harness
- Motherboard
- GEForce 9500GT w/ HDMI AND DVI

What's missing:
- Case
- PC Power supply
- Power Cable for I/O Board (misplaced) but I purchased the connectors for it and pins , you would just need to crimp one up --> plugs into a normal PC 4-pin power connector)-- See pinout in image below:

Started by john12abey - Last post by john12abey

Hello All,

Been long time since posting here again! Glad to be back

So I have four different versions of mame 0.73  .116  .180  .224 and all play a little different   oldest one in the cab plays the best firing and moving correctly old computer
newest version I5 computer with Xbox wireless one controller on new tv play like garbage I dont know if its the front end launchbox just found it looking at emulators again.

Question  to play most accurate version of the game what version and front end should I be using ( i did take the pole and .8 people use launch so I will switch or just compile my own?

Thanks John

Pin Cab is the reason I have Came back 10 year old cab still runs great need update soon
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