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Started by geecab - Last post by GPForverer2024


Thank you very much for your prompt feedback  ;)

I understand better why it was possible for me to change my import window resolution for full-screen scores

 For the steering wheel I explain with my 270 degree steering wheel,
 I always notice a latency between the time I turn right or left on normal roads and this effect disappears when I drive on blue ice I think it comes from the fact that as the car slides you lose this visual effect of latency,

 it may sound weird but it's obvious when playing that's why the idea of adding an ICE option _ROAD_SENSIVITY from 0 to 400 could make the Latency effect disappear, (which would allow to add a small sliding effect)

 then for STEERING _SENSIVITY that can go from 0 to 400 is a good idea "to be tested"

 I can't wait to receive a debug version so I can test it Thank you very much :)

Started by Ond - Last post by Ond

Thanks for mentioning this game.

Just got the DOS version of it working in MAME on an emulated 486 system.

I can see why you like it.   :cheers:


Hey Scott, great that you got The Web up and running. There's various ways to run the game, Dosbox Mame etc, there are also some Windows exe files you can run with the original files to access it in Windows. That method generally allows the best sound and resolution options. I'm not a gamer but I played the hell out of that game and actually started getting reasonably good at multiple loops and skill shots. It was designed to be played in perspective view on a 4:3 screen Here's a pic of the original playfield for reference for everyone else.

javeryh, I can see the appeal of those lovely old wooden pinball machines. All that timber and great vintage artwork, damn!

I'm going to to try and post my project progress updates in real-time just like the good old days.

Today I worked on the back box, monitor fitting, glass fitting etc. I have no plan to follow, so there's a fair bit of reworking and adjustments. I actually like building that way, it's more relaxing.

I had to re-cut the timber brace that holds the back box monitor in. It was sitting too far forward in the back box. I tore out some crappy MDF internal bracing that I'd done in the back box and replaced with stronger hardwood pieces. I'm figuring out how to secure the glass in the back box and fit the speaker panel. I want really clean simple lines when its all finished. Here's how that ended up today:

There's not enough room in the back box (if I keep the dimensions accurate to a real pinball machine) for placing speakers behind directly behind grills. To get a very convincing speaker grill look I'm using the 3D printed parts and I'm going to make up a panel which sits in front of the monitor. The actual speakers sitting in behind and below the monitor will transmit sound through the available grill apertures just fine. I'll make use of the DMD display on the back glass monitor in a cut-out in the speaker panel.

Remember these raw plywood, MDF and plastic parts...I'm going to give them the 'Ond beauty treatment'  :afro:

Started by saint - Last post by Ond


Started by shponglefan - Last post by fallacy

Wouldn't be cool to repurpose something like this with the current headsets like the Quest 3, along with some current mec game.

5   Main Forum / Re: ZapCon 9 - March 2024on Yesterday at 08:38:44 pm

Started by yotsuya - Last post by Nephasth

That Arzach pin looks badass!

6   Restorations & repair / Re: Sega Mega-Tech Restorationon Yesterday at 04:19:25 pm

Started by mourix - Last post by mourix

Currently I have reverse engineered both the Megadrive and Master System based carts. These are on the way from China as we speak:

I'll do a full write up once I got them in and tested. The plan is a Github for everyone to make their own.

7   Meet-Up / Re: Alpha Centuri Soon Open to BYOAC community.on Yesterday at 04:08:02 pm

Started by Mike A - Last post by Mike A

Thanks. Lots of work, but the end result will be well worth it.

Anytime someone wants to visit, I have a guest room.

Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk

8   Meet-Up / Re: Alpha Centuri Soon Open to BYOAC community.on Yesterday at 03:35:54 pm

Started by Mike A - Last post by javeryh

I think there is more property shown in this one pic than there is on my entire block. I'm jealous. Looks like it's coming along nicely.

Started by JdotFite - Last post by JdotFite

It didn't look like HP had any software related to the touchscreen I am using (HP L6015tm) so tried installing Elo's control panel software to see if maybe I could turn on their ForceMouse mode.  Unfortunately, I couldn't apply any settings once inside the application. 

At this point, I understood that I essentially needed the touchscreen to act like a trackpad.  I wondered if a trackpad driver could somehow replace the generic mouse driver for the touchscreen. 

I eventually came across a few comments about software called Tablet Pro STUDIO which I believe is an evolution of software that was originally called touchmousepointer.  The links to touchmousepointer were all dead, but after some digging I was able to find what I believe was the final version "touchzoomdesktop2105".

I am happy to say that things are working!  :applaud:

In summary (in case someone stumbles upon this in another 16 years)

Input Device Options:
  • Lightgun Device Assignment: Mouse
  • Lightgun Input Provider > win32

Advanced Options:
  • Mouse On
  • Lightgun On

Install TouchZoomDesktop Component (touchzoomdesktop2105)

Settings > Pinch > Mode > Touch to Mouse Mode

I haven't played around with the other settings in TouchZoomDesktop yet.  I am excited that I can move forward with a new bartop touchscreen build!

Started by KAG - Last post by Marcoqwerty


- moved to SAFE MODE and unistall driver and graphic card from system menu
- run the AMD unistall tool
- run also the other DDU tool
- reboot
- detected the card as GENERIC VGA
- install the driver and modelines

When i create the log i get the error showed on the screenshot.

Same error and same identical log files, im lost, probably i hat to format the HD.

PS: GM version pre 2.0 work, im able to open the GUI but i got a dll popup error


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