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Started by Alejo I - Last post by MiteWiseacre

Here, here!
I was able to get it going finally with x360ce and enabling keyboard blocking, took a little time and I read there’s better programs out there. The interface is a little cumbersome and installation obtuse, keyboard blocking seems to only work selectively in other games, but it worked!

2   Arcade1Up & Similar / Re: My accessment...on Today at 01:40:44 am

Started by wbassett - Last post by wbassett

Mine doesn't sit level, anyone else have that issue?

3   Software Forum / Re: Auto play music in background?on Today at 12:53:26 am

Started by dir - Last post by yotsuya

As a Mexican-American, I guess that makes me the token racial minority here. I still think it’s a stupid idea.

Some people angle their joysticks and tell the world there’s nothing wrong with them. That doesn’t make them right. Same with mixing a bunch of sounds out of one set of speaker. No one who really takes the time to think about mixing the different audio inputs would think it would sound great coming at you from one set of speakers placed right by your head. Just because it works for YOU doesn’t make it a universally good idea.

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4   Arcade1Up & Similar / My accessment...on Today at 12:27:37 am

Started by wbassett - Last post by wbassett

Not that it matters because you guys have covered everything!

Took me 45 minutes to put it together and be able to play.  Would have been faster, but I saw something red on the back of the monitor panel and realized it was blood!  I have no idea how, where or when I cut myself.  Nothing is sharp on the parts, but I did!  Anyway, after a quick wrap of electrical tape, no more blood from my finger :) and I continued.

The monitor holes didn't quite line up, but everything else went in place fine.  My Big Boy as I call it took 4 days to build and get the controls all in.  It is small, but fine for what it is.  With a riser or custom base like I plan on doing so I can sit several side by side, it should be fine. 

Started by STL_Tom - Last post by STL_Tom

…the USB plugs can go any which port on the back... and the serial is self explanatory and only goes in one place.

the only odd one is the single wire reset line from the IO board...and i always leave them off since it never worked anyway.

I concur, MomoneDk.  The installer figured put the devices just as lilshawn described.

Started by bobbyb13 - Last post by bobbyb13

As threatened...

Couldn't help myself but start cramming electronics into it.
Jamma/fpga builds are so easy compared to other possibilities.

Here is the monitor concoction, tuning device function compliments of CraftyMech's TPG2.

It took me a while to sort out that the neurotic V-hold issue I was having was less a bad pot on the remote adjuster board and more the incomplete sync arrangement I started with.
I had a pretty decent picture but seemingly endless fiddling with the V- hold wouldn't get the image to sit still.

As soon as I decided to add a -V sync line to pin 10 on the chassis then all of a sudden it was lovely.

As long as I can guess well on screen view angles and mounting depth then I can get the runners to carry the tube in tonight probably.

Started by saint - Last post by bobbyb13


Started by wbassett - Last post by wbassett

Do you mean this one?

I like that is IS an arcade monitor.  I know these little cabs aren't as robust, but hell, I can more than man handle moving and carrying the Temptest one around (don't have my other one yet) by hand.  NO WAY can I move my big boy, that's why I installed refrigerator rollers on the bottom! 
If that's the monitor you are talking about, I have no problem with that one since if I upgrade this cab to a PC I can still use it with an adapter. 
Again I love these BECAUSE of the size, and they look fun.  Also I can introduce kids to all this and these are perfect size.  :)  I'm sold!  Granted I'd love to have original dedicated full size cabs... but in a house, we have to compromise right?

Started by wbassett - Last post by leapinlew

The monitor is one piece. There is the encoder, power switch and volume switch too.

10   Software Forum / Re: Auto play music in background?on Yesterday at 09:42:19 pm

Started by dir - Last post by Zebidee

lol, I was talking about diversity and inclusion, not racism. Stick to your lego.

Look who's imploding now?

I guess its high fives all around then, that's what youse do here when people implode?

Ima gunna get some popcorn and soda

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