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Started by Jollywest - Last post by lilshawn

I have found conflicting information as to whether or not this chassis requires an isolation transformer or not and nobody seems to have come back to say whether it has or not.

I'd initially started digging into this to see if the chassis could be just converted to run on 240v and started looking at the Sanken STRM6511. now typically the chassis using Sanken regulators of the STR series such as the STR30130 and STR2105 are all not capable of being put directly on the mains (as mentioned before)  but the STRM6511 is not specified as a "voltage regulator" per se in it's datasheet, but as a "switching regulator" which seems to me is different than the other regulators... and does actually say "switch mode"

From what i've been able to dig up, apparently this chassis may be Sanwas kind of first crack at a "switch mode" power supply... if this is the case, then an isolation transformer would not be needed. unfortunately the one version of the schematic i've come across has a schematic that is the second most terrible i've ever seen and is hardly legible, i honestly don't even know why it's been included. if it was more legible, i might be able to ascertain if it is in fact, switch mode or not.

so... the simple auto-transformer MAY work... but i cannot find any information confirming or disproving the requirement of an isolation transformer... the service manual does not say either way, as such i cannot make a recommendation either way.

I mean you can roll the dice and see if the autotransformer type supply works. worst case, you have to source another STRM6511 and probably replace the AC input diodes...  :dunno

Started by ThatOneSeong - Last post by ThatOneSeong

i'm curious to test your alternative , cause with mamehooker and two positionnal gun , when i shoot at the same time  it's seem lost sometime,
the part of code you see is not complete , but with this i can manage Qmamehook and my solenoid , there's not joystick code  in this example ^^ but it's just for me to test recoil on solenoid ;)

I see! Gotcha, gotcha.
I looked a bit into KeyStates but unfortunately, that might be something a bit out of scope for what I want this to be. Main limiting factor is that it would necessitate making QMamehook into essentially a keylogger - and on Linux with the coming Wayland transition going on in particular, that would be a bloody nightmare to maintain. Also, since this is purely a CLI app/daemon with no GUI atm, there's no immediately obvious QT libraries I could use to facilitate this.
I'm sure if someone else wanted to expand this app in, say, a personal fork or a frontend going over QMamehook, perhaps exposing and making use of Global Hotkeys (which, again, Wayland) and making it more MAMEHOOKER-like, it probably could be done? But since it's not in my personal field of interest, I don't have the same motivation to work on a feature I wouldn't use. But PRs or forks are certainly welcome.
Again, in theory, LEDWiz support wouldn't be impossible? But I don't have such a thing atm to test, and I certainly don't trust myself coding something up blindly for something that I can't physically test on.  :laugh:

Started by mourix - Last post by mourix

In today's update: a warning for people wanting to recap the Mega-Tech PCB.

I wanted to try a recap because my cab sounded like a smartphone. So I made the cap list here and got to work.

I own a decent soldering/desoldering station so usually it's a breeze, but not this time. This board got all the difficulties.. Multilayer ground planes, small through holes, bent leads and thin traces right next to cap pads.

After hours of soldering it does look nice though:

However this is what I was greeted with when I plugged it in. Crapp.. Back to debugging I guess.

NES4Life has a nice write up on this so I knew which area to look at. Finally found the issue:

I added one blue botch wire to the green factory botch wire seas:

But hey, we are back!

But... now the left speaker was dead. After a bunch of digging that was a 3mm track without a connection so a solder blob got it back.

And now I own a nicely recapped Mega-Tech that almost killed it...and still sounds like a smartphone. I guess it was 80's speaker quality all along :dunno

Started by bimm25e - Last post by bimm25e

Need an EMI board for point blank 2.  Gonna get these recoil solenoids going.  Would need it shipped to cleveland

Started by Jollywest - Last post by Jollywest

Again, thanks for the help and for the video linkÖ what an absolute legend that guy is 😎

The last 3 minutes of the video he says it is an auto-transformer and isnít an isolating one unfortunately.
Iíll have another look about and see if I can find an isolating one, thanks.

Started by Jollywest - Last post by lilshawn

trying to peek in the vents it looks like it may have a toroidal transformer.... here is a link to a youtube video showing the inside of a similar unit by the same brand...only bigger so it could be the one.

NOTE: i have not watched the video in it's entirety, just linking for the info

Started by ThatOneSeong - Last post by bandicoot

i'm curious to test your alternative , cause with mamehooker and two positionnal gun , when i shoot at the same time  it's seem lost sometime,
the part of code you see is not complete , but with this i can manage Qmamehook and my solenoid , there's not joystick code  in this example ^^ but it's just for me to test recoil on solenoid ;)

Started by ThatOneSeong - Last post by ThatOneSeong

Oh look, another update. This one fixes/now handles comma reading, streamlines how state changes are handled and is generally more robust against whitespace and illogical combinations (like state breaks inside of lines already containing command breaks). Believe this should make QMamehook handle just about any combination of commands and breaks you throw at it.

got it work  :applaud: with this arduino code  :applaud:

void setup() {
pinMode(1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(2, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
  while (Serial.available() > 0) {       
    byte serialQueue = 0b00000000;   
    int pin = Serial.parseInt();
    int value = Serial.parseInt();
  if ( == 'x') {
    digitalWrite(pin, value);
Not sure what this is for? Lol.

mamehooker have some feature like keystroke and waiting command , do you thing you 'll add this ?
Can't really say I have any idea what those are either, tbh.

Started by argonlefou - Last post by argonlefou

Thanks Argon!  Got Sailor Zombie, and Dead Storm Pirates running with both guns.  For some reason in Dark Escape I'm controlling both players with one gun.  Followed all the steps in the tutorial so I'm not sure whats wrong.  Also if I use the patcher to remove crosshairs how do I get them back?

If you have succesfully applied the whole PPU cache thing, you should not be able to move any crosshair in Dark Escape without DemulShooter running.

That may be a clue to narrow down the cause : if you can move crosshairs without demulshooter, game is not properly patched. If you can.....I'm not sure to have a quick answer unfortunatelly

As for the crosshair patch, there should be a readme text file in the package, where I'm telling people which file from the game dump must be saved, if restoring crosshair is needed.
For Dark Escape, you'll need to restore this file from the original dump :  \dev_hdd0\game\SCEEXE000\USRDIR\BootPack\Data.npk

Btw, I just noticed the Dark Escape patcher link is dead from the 1st page post, I'll have to check out why

10   GroovyMAME / Crt tv + no sound after emudriverson Today at 11:23:49 am

Started by Torakikiii - Last post by Torakikiii

Hi guys!
I've been lurking and reading for a while, and then I decided to give it a try.
Spoiler: I'm not a champ at it!

Setup: win10 + amd rx 480 + panasonic crt tv. Tv is connected to the radeon via an hdmi to composite adapter. I plug it into the s-video in of the tv
Normally, it works (beautifully)

I did a first test installing emudrivers but all the resolutions wouldn't appear for my screen (I use intel gpu for my main screen, radeon for second screen/tv).
So, uninstall, back from zero, etc etc... now I have all the resolutions under screen when I try to set the screen with windows preferences. Great.

I tried arcadeos and it shows even at 240x240 on my crt so I guess it's correctly working at 15khz right? Not all the listed resolutions work tho. I then ran games with groovymame and they are crisp, beautiful and vibrant.

So where's the problem then? Well... I was expecting scanlines?... I can't see any or maybe, I was expecting something different?

That said in the process I also lost sound in window. Mixer shows there's sound outputting but the system is now totally silent. I used to see a sound device named after the hdmi adapter, but now it's gone.

Finally... I no longer can use other advanced emulators (like yuzu for example). It's like the emudrivers stops any advanced function. Is this something expected? Is there an easy way to switch back and forth?

Thanks for any info!
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