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Started by GeoMan - Last post by suds64

Can you help me with your happ 3 trackball replacement on the tank stick.  Do i need all of the following for this project:

Suzo Happ 3" White High Lip Trackball Assembly
Suzo Happ 3" Trackball Mounting Kit
Suzo-Happ to Ultimarc U-Trak Trackball Adapter
Easily connect a Suzo-Happ or other standard arcade trackball to Ultimarc's I-PAC2 or U-Trak USB adapter.

Does the Happ 3 still work on the Tank Stick - even though i see this note with that trackball - Note: This does not support USB, it has a standard AMOA harness for arcade games.

Started by KenToad - Last post by negative1

its a little too early for this.

and it might not even happen.

but marble madness 2 will be in mame next month.

there are some test versions out now, but this is the joystick only version.
there are talks of either modding it to work with trackballs, or a trackball version.

so we'll see what happens.


Started by ZTylerDurden717 - Last post by ZTylerDurden717

Still working on this..

Parts are here, just gotta get my hands dirty

94   Project Announcements / Re: first bartop build in progresson May 24, 2022, 05:22:40 am

Started by Joeker - Last post by Joeker

Thanks for the reply of an very experienced member! (btw. great builds, but I will not show my daughter the "Bella's" to avoid she captures MY project and  my first build has to be pink :) )

The problem about the TV was just with the first tests. I first assume a resolution problem, too, but using the "gaming mode" did the job. Normally I wouldn't write this detail, but for me, it takes a little bit longer to find the solution. And now, there is one more site for searches.

I searched for "Tullys". It seems these are just single player ones, different from my 2 player idea.

Is the footprint at ground really smaller? In comparion pics, it just looks, that standard build (or 3/4 ones) just have additional two "balconies" for CP and marquee, which take space in the air.

My biggest problem is to find a permanent place (which would be the optimum, of course). Best available option would be outsice under a glass roof without side shielding, but the german weather (rainy) would be negative for wood and electrics. Or, if the kids leave home, but I think, they will not accept this with 4 and 6 years ...  :laugh: especially, if there is an arcade machine at home, then ...  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Why is using a PC "way better"? In my few(!) gaming tests, the raspi seems to be "good enough". In my leftover box there would be more powerful hardware like a phenom 940 or a j3455 also, but I cannot see the advantage.

I will think about the shape options for the build again. (I even try to find some foldable standard size builds, but all I got was some foldable bartop foot which combined gave a "real" size machine.)

Started by Boomslang - Last post by anchounio

Has anybody tested Cruis'n' USA and Cruis'n' World with this TAP adapter method?
What about California Speed?

Which games should work with this method?

The mentioned ones in this thread are:

San Francisco Rush
San Francisco Rush: The Rock
San Francisco Rush 2049
Cart Fury

Started by Locke141 - Last post by leapinlew

Nice! One man’s trash…

Started by Locke141 - Last post by Locke141

I volunteered for a New York City you waste program. A managers shoed me some of the gems they have collected from people throwing them away as e-wast.

98   GroovyMAME / Re: How to add a 1280x800 modeline?on May 23, 2022, 07:19:23 pm

Started by simantic - Last post by buttersoft

I have tried CRU and it's works!!!  ;D
CRU has installed the 1280x800

TBH i hadn't thought of that! Using CRU to override the EDID on top of the emulated EDID from crt_emudriver, gee.

I'm glad it worked, but i swear half the time i manage to actually help ppl i only do so accidentally :/

99   Main Forum / Re: Chip N Dales Cabinet in Movieon May 23, 2022, 05:53:26 pm

Started by meyer980 - Last post by nitrogen_widget

I got about 30 mins. into it with the kids before we had to leave and they want to finish it off next time they are over.
i was liking it.

Started by argonlefou - Last post by punkdark2000

EDIT: never mind, here's the fix!
Thanks for the tip, I will keep it for a future time....if I end up having any admin issue I don't have now  :applaud:

Hi All,
New to lightguns and demulshooter having problems in sega model 2 setting up two guns.
I have built two Samco guns but can not get them to work in sega model 2 together. Installed and set them up in Demulshooter all is fine. When in game each gun controls the same curser. The blue one stays in the corner. Each gun works fine in single player. I have checked the ids for each gun and they are assinged correctly in demulshooter.
I have followed the instructions on the wiki page but still the same. Any ideas?
If you followed all steps the best thing to share  a demulshooter log :
Add a -v option in the command line, run model 2 and demulshooter and play around a few second with both guns.
Then close everything and share the debug txt file created in demulshooter's folder

Demulshooter v10.7.2
- Corrected non-working "change weapon" button bug for Virtua cop 3 (Chihiro)
- Corrected hook for "Wild West Shootout" : DemulShooter can now be started anytime ( before or after the game )
- Added support for various other binaries of Haunted Museum 2 (Taito Type X). See wiki for more details about compatibility.

Fearland utility patcher (no crosshair) has also been updated on the first page

Thanks Argon
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