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Author Topic: AdvanceCD Version 2.6.3 2007/02  (Read 6458 times)

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AdvanceCD Version 2.6.3 2007/02
« on: April 20, 2008, 12:14:37 pm »
old thread from:

i'm giving this some exposure so the links don't die...

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new AdvanceCD 2.6.3 it's finally released!
By: José Renato Castro Milanez (goredaimon) - 2007-02-13 23:20

So, the new AdvanceCD 2.6.3 it's finally released! 
To see the list of news and changes, please read the history.txt 
Questions, problems? Please coment at advancemame-users list at sourceforge! 
M. Sc. José Renato Castro Milanez 
Engenheiro Eletrônico/Informática Industrial/Analista de Sistemas 
Educação a Distância 
Universidade Federal de Itajubá - MG 

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RE: new AdvanceCD 2.6.3 it's finally released
By: José Renato Castro Milanez (goredaimon) - 2007-02-14 08:23

* New Kernel 2.4.26 for i686 machines with SMP support:
* Upgraded ALSA utils to 1.0.13 
* Upgraded ALSA driver to 1.0.13
PS: Users with EMU10K1 and similar hardware may have sound problems
* Upgraded Advance applications for i686 machines with Pentium/MIPS assembler (SMP isn't supported yet due libpthread incompatibility!):
* AdvanceMAME to 0.106
* AdvanceMESS to
* AdvanceMENU to 2.4.13 
* AdvanceSCAN to 1.13
* New visual screens
* Boot
* Menu
* Help
* Poweroff
* Low CPU usage when AdvanceMENU fails to start:
* Modified the initrd/etc/inittab to run AdvanceMENU once at initialization
* Better video card performance:
* Modified the AdvanceMAME video filter default to [none]
* Better sound card support/detection:
* Modified initrd/etc/modules.conf
* Modified the AdvanceMENU audio to off
PS: This give me sound on the games and solved the AdvanceMAME freeze when I select a game under AdvanceMENU
* Removed the AdvanceMAME audio normalize
PS: This solve Shinobi bad sound problem
* The audio volume (PCM/Digital) was modified to 100%
* Fixed problem with joystick:
* Removed the initrd/etc/rc.d/rc.S loading of ns558 and analog modules at initialization
PS: This solve the button fired by a ghost. My Sidewinder works fine now too
* New script to compile the Advance applications (MAME, MENU and MESS):
* contrib/doadvanceapps (thanks to Japa Umino from
* Added a kernel 2.4 patch to be compiled with gcc-2.96 and gcc-3.3.6
* contrib/linux-2.4-seg-4.patch (from
* Modified the Makefile
* Modified the 'make clean' and 'make distclean' to do a correct clean
* Maybe there is some other modifications! I can't remember all at this moment!
* This version was fully tested with:
* AMD Athlon XP +1700 (266 MHz FSB)
* Soyo SY-K7VTA PRO motherboard 
* 512 Mbytes of RAM PC133
* ATI Radeon 9250 128 MBytes AGP 8X/4X
* VIA AC97 VT82C686B onboard audio
* CD-ROM/DVD-RAM optical IDE drive
* Microsoft Sidewinder Gameport Gamepad
* Please report bugs/experience problems at advancemame-users list.
* It's easier to keep looking for me than forums!
* Let's keep AdvanceCD in development!
* There are a lot of features to include and bugs to fix!
* Final word:
* Big thanks Andrea!

AdvanceCD v2.6.3 is a linux livecd that boots into advancemenu 2.4.13 and advancemame .106. users will need to add the roms and snapshots before burning the .ISO image.