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Author Topic: Some help with a defence command  (Read 805 times)

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Some help with a defence command
« on: June 28, 2007, 01:47:01 pm »
I cant find pics of it online so ill get some for you guys up.  Its a defender bootleg from cananda i believe crica 1982.  Not sure if it has sideart ill check when i get the chance.  pics will be posted but not today.

The owner said it worked before they tried moving it so i would think it would be a loose something so ill check everything for a miss seated chip and such.  Now the power cord is what appears to be a 3 prong but it doesnt have the 3rd prong.  It looks like it was snapped off so i need a new power cord.  the ps looks original (a silver box over it and some switches on it) so i may get a new one that is compatible but id like to avoid spending on parts when im not sure im going to keep it.

The pcb had batteries (current ones too as in from 2000 not 1982) but i removed them anyway so i can put some in that i know are good.

I tried turning it on for a minute but nothing turned on (probably not the smart thing to do and neither was me spending an hour drilling out the lock on the back door when i think the key was on the front coin door.  that coin door was not locked and i never bothered to check it first).  So im going to start of assuming it only has a power problem.  Before anyone can help me it would be best for a pic of the ps since i have no idea if they are standard or not.  It is connected by a molex connector and the wires are white and green which then enter the black insulated cord.  I considered making my own but im not sure if thats a good idea.

Also id like to hear ideas on whether there would be any art work under the black painted sides or front.  Id imagine there would be something there since i doubt williams sold bare cabinents.

thanks guys for any insight/tips.  this is going to make a great learning experience/project to steal time away from my two mame cabs/something to piss off my family with.

edit here are some pics

things that i have done so far is removed the monitor to make moving it easier so the plexi and bezel are not in right and the tinted plexi is not in as well.  i havent really done anything else with it yet since i have two other projects im still working on but if i can get this one working thatd be nice.
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