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Author Topic: my 2nd CP, changing cab to swappable CPs  (Read 1386 times)

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Brad Lee

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my 2nd CP, changing cab to swappable CPs
« on: March 24, 2003, 03:19:41 pm »
Was browsing through ebay today and came across these:

2, NOS, for 18$ each
So I'm planning on building another CP instead of trying to cram these on my existing one, and I don't really want to repalce my T-sticks, had nothing but good luck with them

I'll be making this cp with the leaf joysticks, maybe 1 or 2 buttons each, strictly for 2 stick games

Also I'm going to use some 25-pair cat5 cables on this CP and replace what I have on my original. What I've got to make them swappable is this:

The 25 pair wire is only 1/2" or so thick and is terminated on one end with the connecter pictured(rj21 amphenol, similar to centronix on a printer) I've got both female and male connectors, each with 2-3' of cable. The conenction is very sturdy between the M & F ends, just need a short loop of velcro to make sure it stays snug. That way I can just leave the F end wired to the Ipac/Optipac and leave the conencter in the front area behnd the doorwhere it'll be easy to change.
I've got latches already mounted on the insides of the cabinet, so it's just matching hooks on each CP, simple swap and it's good to go

Other misc projects that I'll be incorporating are
1. wiring the coin rejects to give credits, with a keylock-switch to be able to turn that off.
2. conencting a toggle or on/off button to try shifted layouts on the Ipac, and using the 3rd led as an indicator of this, probably behind the bezel
3. moving my motherboard to the back side of the cabinet in hopes of better cooling, right now its all crammed in the front right behind the coin door

Things that I've been putting off, but intend to address now that this cabinet is about 90% complete:
1. artwork- both for the marquee and CPO. Just need to get off ---my bottom--- and get some stuff printed
2. some kind of cover for the "front" of the CP- the original tempest CP kind of wraps aroundto cover the whole front area, right now Ive only got a flat CP so the area right at your waist is wide open
3. pop out one of the plates for a bill unit on the coin door and mount my keyboard IR remote receiver and volume control so that it's accessible(last time I tired to adjust the volume Istuck my pinky into a 120mm fan, quite an eye-opener :o )

I'll get pics as I go, posting em to my page
This is kinda just a checklist for myself, but I think some of the things are neat ideas that I havent run across before


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Re:my 2nd CP, changing cab to swappable CPs
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2003, 09:41:23 pm »
2, NOS, for 18$ each
Is that $18 apiece, or $18 total?  If apiece, Centsible Amusements has them for $12.99 each for 8-way leaf switch joysticks:

Sounds like a good plan.