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Author Topic: New Slikstik configuration  (Read 1420 times)

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Rick Osborn

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New Slikstik configuration
« on: May 13, 2002, 04:48:04 pm »
I recently ordered two more Slikstik controllers for my latest cabinets and on Friday night I drove and picked them up.  The creators of Slikstik told me that there were a few new features added and that I'd see them when I picked the controllers up.

There are now seven buttons per each player instead of only six.  The extra button is located below and slightly to the left of the bank of 6 original buttons and gives the bottom row of buttons a Neo Geo type feel.  You know how the Neo Geo arcade games had 4 buttons situated in a slight arc?  Well, now the Neo games have a really nice feel and can be played true to the orginal arcade games.

Also added to the Slikstik are buttons on each side of the controller for PinMAME usage.  Just like the X-Arcade and HotRod (HR has side buttons right?).  So last night I copied all my PinMAME tables to my PC and got to playing my favorite pins.  I have to say these side buttons are a nice addition to the already very nice Slikstik.

The trackball is now a Happs instead of a Betson and is now PS/2 or USB off of the same cable.  I stuck with PS2 for the trackball since my wireless keyboard w/ mouseball is USB and doesn't use my mouse PS2 jack.   But I know I've seen several people requesting or wanting a USB trackball.

I really can't tell a difference between the Happs and the Betson on my 1st Slikstik (I now have 3 Slikstiks).  Both trackballs are blue and seem identical when backlit as well.

The spinner is now mounted slightly higher and almost on an even line with the top row of buttons and the 4 way stick.  My original Slikstik was one of the first models with the spinner and it was located slightly lower.  Either position seemed to work great for me, but if asked to decide on the location, I would choose the new location  just for aesthetic reasons.  

This is also my first real experience playing with the Happ competition sticks as my original Slikstik was using Ultimates (I think).  I really enjoy playing on the competition sticks much better because they seem a little tighter and have less play than the previous sticks.  However, I believe the Slikstik guys have been using these joysticks for quite a while now.  But this has been the first time I've been able to test different sticks side by side.  I've always read the threads asking about who prefers which stick, now I can really give my opinion on what sticks I prefer ( in case another thread starts up again).   :)

Of course having these new features caused me more work.  Well, I had to have one of the new Slikstiks on my cabinet and take my original Slikstik off and use it for another cab.  Which meant I had to swap out all the buttons I had changed on my 1st Slikstik and also remove and then rewire my Dreamcast controllers to the new SlikStik.  I had replaced the original buttons with Happs competition buttons in the colors of the Dreamcast control buttons.  

I knew I *should've* ordered that damn button tool from Happs with my last order!  Cripes are buttons are ---smurfette--- to unscrew sometimes.

I just wanted to give you guys an update on my experience with the Slikstik and also give a heads up on the new buttons that have been added.  I was told I was the first person to get these controllers in this configuration, so who better to mini review it?  

I emailed pictures to the guys at Slikstik, so I'm sure soon you can see my Slikstik with the Dreamcast color scheme on the buttons.  Gives it a lot more color and adds to the eye candy.

The guys also told me about a new controller they are working on and all I have to say about that is "WOW!"  Looks like I'll have more work ahead of me when the new controller is released because I'll have to have one on my personal cabinet.

Seems like a MAME cabinet is never quite done...another idea or product always seems to come along when I think it's complete.

But I guess that's a good thing, huh?



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