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Author Topic: need scource or info on wiring new end to monitor cable  (Read 1116 times)

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need scource or info on wiring new end to monitor cable
« on: January 19, 2005, 06:47:05 pm »
Hi all
been searching web for days been to loads of shops for help  and been reading these boards posts for 3 hours.
Come to the conclusion if anyone knows you guys might.
Been given off my son 4 17" monitors bought 6 months ago brand new from pc world,they had a break in and all the wires (leads ) were cut off at puter end monitors have 2 feet of cable attached and i need to fix a plug on end to go to tower.
Plug i have found out is 15 pin d-subminature
This is what i have gotten off back of monitor
3 off dell 17"
rev a00
model no E773c
40a2064-700-1a jl
i have pinout for this but dont understand the wording

they are internal10 cables at the cut off end
3 of these are thicker so i think these are main BLUE/GREY/RED.
Inside the case it splits into 2 lots 7 thin wires go to large circuit board with a push fit connector.
6 plus red/grey/blue go th board on neck.
I was hoping to get an extention cable as nobody can get me a cable end that is not moulded and i was gonna cut the wires inside and join to the cable with the end on off the extention.

Hope this makes sense i tried to take picture but camera was in dark .will try again if it is realy important.

The other monitor is
Compaq model no pe1163t
product no p9008a
2nd model no  s7500
serial no cnc 3520393.

I have not come on just for the help on these i have mame on my other comp for grandkids with games on need to get these going to make a games cab,have all plans and some of wood cut but this has stopped me.
Dont want to bin em they are 2 good for that,i have spent hooouuurrrs trawling the site for info.
I was advised by the local shop to take them to a tv repair shop,he wanted to charge 80 gb pounds (each).
SO I HOPE you  CAN HELP  Please
thank you Peter