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Author Topic: Super DX-Ball 5 of 5  (Read 13162 times)

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Super DX-Ball 5 of 5
« on: November 28, 2004, 01:13:20 pm »
Are you been pining for Arkanoid 3 ever since the Reagan era came to a close?  Looking for more of that classic "Breakout with power ups" gameplay?  Look no further:

The game adds a few interesting spins on the Arkanoid formula.  For example, many blocks are triangular in shape.  So the ball rebounds in a different manner than the old classic.  In addition, some blocks are explosive (which will clear out the blocks around them), some are not breakable (unless you get the correct power up), and some are hidden (so you don't know they are there, then POW your ball is flying off in an unexpected direction and there is now a block showing where there was none).

The powerups are pretty cool as well.  You still get tried and true ones like the expanded paddle, laser paddle and level skip.  But, you can have more than one of these at once (triple size laser paddle with the magnetic beam that catches the ball--pretty cool!).  However there bad pickups (smaller paddle, smaller ball, and a kill paddle block that can be aggravating when caught, to say the least) and there are also new pickups like one that blasts all of the exploding blocks at once, one that makes the ball go through all blocks it hits instead of rebounding, etc.

It is MUCHO fun.  Download the free demo and give the first 15 levels a try.  The full version (only $14.95) has 150 levels of mayhem. 


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Re: Super DX-Ball 5 of 5
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2005, 12:55:42 pm »
The first version of this game, DX-Ball 1.09, was the first game I ever played on my first, real PC, a Gateway 2000 90MHz
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