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Author Topic: Arcade Picture Tube Swapping -- Anyone done it? (Lets start here!)  (Read 1516 times)

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Hi All.

I've just started getting into the whole classic Aracde collecting scene. (Oddly enough I had planned to build a MAME cabinet for the last 2 years) But now in the last 14 months, I've picked up 5 whole cabinets w/ games [ Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid, Arkanoid, Playchoice10, MsPacman cocktail] and got a new board [Arkanoid 2:DOH] and added it to a machine, and now have 3 more classic 1982 boards on their way from eBay to put into some cabs I might build or "multi-jamma convert with Clay C's selector board"

Anyway, I would like to know if anyone here has actually done tube swapping.  I have read I think every single newsgroup post that Google has archived, and got tons of info, but there seems to still be some secrecy to the whole thing.  I'd really like some place to find (or at least start creating) information about compatible tubes/etc..

I don't want to have to remove yokes and redo convergence.. I'm hopping for direct tube swaps only using the yokes already attached to them.

As a starting point, here is some info I have... if it helps others, let me know, and if you can provide info, please do.

First, I have recapped 3 monitors so far, and even hacked a Commodore 1902A [Magnavox] monitor that only had Digital RGB into having Analog RGB perfect for arcade boards, so I have some experience with safety, discharging/etc..

Here' the info I have, though I havn't started swapping yet for fear I will ruin something.

Electrohome G07 - RCA 19VJMP22 Tube. Appx 55 ohms resistance vertical
Electrohome G07 - ? Tube. (havn't removed shield)  Appx 54 ohms resistance vertical
Wells-Garner 46xx - RCA 19VJTP22 tube.  Appx 8.9 ohms resistance vertical.
Hantavex 900 - Toshiba ???? tube (havn't removed shield). Appx 15 ohms resitance vertical.

I have two Emerson TV's from the mid 80's with ORION picture tubes with 14.5 ohm resistance vertical. Both have ZERO burn in (no pixels showing in clean gray RGB stripes). I presume these should be swappable with the 19VJTP22 in the WG and the Toshiba in the Hantavex since they're similar resistance. (wondering why the WG has such low resistance compared.. perhaps it is just dying?)

I also have 2 Sanyo 20EZ's but they have barely any burn in and not worth replacing any time soon. But the above ones I'd like to replace as they take a while to "turn on" (show picture) and are fuzzy at first then become clear(er), even after cap kits.

Anyone have a good list of TV brands/series/models to look for?  I know how to spot a worn, used, generally burned-in tube vs a clean one when out at garage sales/thrift stores, but need more info on which tubes might have the High resistance needed by Electrohome chassis, and which have lower resistance for the other chassis.

Anyone have any place to get "new" 19" chassis to accept analog RGB to slap onto any tube, rather than trying to ressurect old chassis all the time with cap kits and flybacks? I know I found one place on the net that would sell them for $65 or $95 depending on size, but was wondering if there was other place too for perhaps less or with more technical info.

Thanks in advance!


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Re:Arcade Picture Tube Swapping -- Anyone done it? (Lets start here!)
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2002, 03:55:12 pm »
That should have stated " 19VMNP22 " for the Electrohome one...