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Author Topic: Big Buck Hunter Pro Will not Boot with new Cmos Battery Installed  (Read 227 times)

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I had this happen, and did not find anything on it, via the web. So this issue is solved, posting it for others that may have this issue and believe the mother board is done.

BBH Pro had a low battery warning on the screen for Cmos, so took out the old one and installed a new one, then
game would not do anything. Tried many things, but the just of it is, once your cmos goes so low, your settings are gone.
Not sure why the default settings would not boot up the machine with the battery installed, so I tried it with no battery, and
it booted normally, with minor errors and got me to the cmos settings. Below you will see a copy of the BBH Dell Optiplex 740 cmos settings,
as well as instructions. Some may have issue with installing a cmos battery while the machine is running, IMO it was quicker than setting up
another screen to watch the pc boot, and was not an issue for me.

Dell Optiplex 740 that will not boot with a new CMOS battery installed. This happens when the cmos battery is completely dead and all setting are gone. With the new battery installed, it does not like the cmos settings that are loaded when you reboot. With the CMOS battery out, it will start normally.
To fix this, follow the below:

1. Turn off power and open pc
2. Remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard.
And next:
3. Connect the keyboard.
4. Start the PC by pushing the Power Switch on the front panel.
5. while the PC is booting, keep taping the F2 on the keyboard to enter BIOS screen.
6. Go to Maintenance, and Load Defaults, Save and Exit (THIS IS THE KEY, IT OVER WRITES CORRUPT Files from the battery being dead)
7. Install CMOS battery while the pc is running
8.while the PC rebooting, re-enter to BIOS (step 6).
9. Proceed with the BIOS setup as per attached file.
10. Save the changes !!!

Dell Computer BIOS Setup Procedure 1. Turn the game off. Connect a USB keyboard to the computer. 2. While holding the F2 key, turn on the main power switch of the video game machine. The BIOS menu screen will appear. Verify the settings listed in the following table. 3. To save and exit,follow the instructions on the BIOS screen. The computer will reset and load the game. Adjustment Level Item Set Adjustment to: System Boot Sequence
1. CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive
7. NIC
Drives Diskette
Drive USB Drive
0 SATA-0: ON
Drive : 1 SATA-1: ON
Smart Reporting OFF
Onboard Devices Integrated NIC ON
Integrated Audio ON
USB controller ON
Rear Triple USB ON
Rear Dual USB ON
Front USB ON
LPT port mode EPP
LPT port address 378H
Serial Port #1 COM1
Video Primary Video ONBOARD/CARD
 Video Memory Size 16MB
Performance HDD acoustic mode BYPASS
Security Admin Password NONE
System Password NONE Drive 0 Password NONE
 Drive 1 Password NONE
Password Changes UNLOCKED
Chassis Intrusions OFF
Power Management AC Recovery ON
Auto Power On OFF
 Low Power Mode OFF
Remote Wakeup OFF
Cool and Quiet OFF
Suspend Mode S3
Maintenance ASF Mode OFF
Fast Boot ON
Post Behavior Num Lock Key ON
Keyboard Errors DO NOT REPORT
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