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Author Topic: Ambidexterous fight stick  (Read 330 times)

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Ambidexterous fight stick
« on: May 01, 2020, 12:18:00 pm »
Hello first of all sorry I found this discussion looking up if jamma intentionally made joysticks left-handed to increase quarter flow.   I couldn't find the smoking Gun but it led me to this discussion.  Apparently a lot of you say that the normal joystick on left but none right formation is right-handed.  I always thought of myself as right-handed and always if I was given a choice and both sides worked plates stick right button left.  I figured that if both hands can press buttons equally well like one can win one types on a typewriter or computer turn the joystick requires your good hand because performance decreases because typing keys is equally natural in both hands.

I have typed a lot about this on the internet my visiting a website called , and I talked about how a right-handed joystick for me is a performance enhancer.  I'll give you a website with shoes my first design, and tells you the story of not only me but for the common friends what from always losing to to always beating the neighborhood best gamer in Street Fighter 2.

and if you know the identity of this one gamer you would say that a right-handed joystick is a big advantage in Street Fighter 2.  I won't spoil it here but if you want to read about the big sales pitch that I'm trying to get to one of the big joystick makers for consoles visit

This is consid the First  joysrick made was my home version.  If I could go back in time I would take this to be shoe because B shoe had a problem of making ambidextrous controllers with more than two buttons.  the competitive advantage of ambidexterity lost out to the competitive advantage of cheapness with only one button for each function instead of 2.   This is the solution I called the 180 solution.  I kind of thought of it when interact made a dream cast alloys stick and found they were programmable buttons.

the second solution would be good for both Robotron and Smash TV players as well as making Street Fighter ambidextrous,. put a double rainbow buttons in between two sticks and when you press Start hold either left or right stick up to select which stick you're going to use.

I would comment on the other arcade controls that calm comments but looks like it's either locked or it's unsearchable because I tried searching for it and knows nothing that came up.

by the way the only reason I'm Stark raving mad about this being a good marketing thing is because if it was just me who improved that it might be a personal niche market but if the me and all four common friends beat this person with a right-handed stick then maybe there's something more to it than just me.  Just want to know your thoughts.  More information at