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Author Topic: Syncrefresh not working in mame 107+?  (Read 399 times)

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Syncrefresh not working in mame 107+?
« on: August 01, 2019, 07:36:08 pm »
Haven't a problem with versions of mame above 106

I've tried 2 different computers running xp and 7.. Im pretty sure it's not hardware specific.

I've been away from mame for a while.. I mostly used versions 106 or lower before the gfx change in 107
Im working on something and was originally going with mame 106.. because the pc I was using was a bit underpowered.
but I decided to go with a more powerful pc, in doing so I am moving up my target version of mame but im running in to a bit of a problem.

Using Neogeo as an example according to mame it runs at "59.185606"hz
I don't think neogeo could handle transparency so it used the trick of drawling items only every other frame to make it appear opaque.

the problem is running a monitor at 60hz refresh it would be out of sync and you'd get flickering where obviously the item is missing.
To combat this in mame 106 and earlier I'd just use triplebuffer & syncrefresh and that would fix the problem.
the game would run at a slightly faster 60hz, occasionally a glitch in the sound would result but nothing I couldn't live with.

The problem is this does not seem to fix the problem on versions 107+ .. the video system was revamped in 107 (or technically I think it was like 106u3 or some such) anyway even with -tb and -syncrefresh on im still getting flickering.

I tested 120, 137, and 210.. could not fix the problem.

KOF2000 is a good game to test this.. but you can also see it in other games and other systems like CPS2 which runs at "59.629403"hz
Street Fighter Alpha 3 uses this trick heavily, easily seen on the names in the char select screen.

here's 2 videos the first is with mame 106 as you can see no flicker
the 2nd is from 137 where you can see the problem..

any ideas?


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