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Author Topic: WinIPac can't configure j-pac if i-pac ultimate installed  (Read 330 times)

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WinIPac can't configure j-pac if i-pac ultimate installed
« on: May 03, 2019, 11:30:45 pm »
I can't seem to view/change the configuration of my j-pac board now that I've installed an i-pac ultimate ("uio"), using WiniPac v2.  Can someone guide me?

I first installed the j-pac board and was able to view it in WiniPac.  But once I installed the uio, I can no longer view the j-pac board.  The WinIPAC app shows "Board Attached: uio".

Unplugging the uio doesn't help - it just shows a giant red X where the ipac board graphic normally is.  There doesn't appear to be any way to switch views if multiple cards are installed.
I can confirm that the j-pac board is definitely working and on/plugged in.

The uio FW is 1.39.  I'm on Win10 and running winipac in Win7 compat mode as admin.
I have both the j-pac and ipac config files (attached) if that helps!

I normally only use the j-pac for the arcade monitor.  However, I'd like to get the coin slots working.  They are simple mechanical-only coin mechs with a simple wire trigger and 5v switch.  The hot wire is always 5v and it appears that the circuit is normally closed.  Dropping a coin through momentarily drops the voltage to zero (as measured at the switch).  However, nothing registers at the PC side (via Notepad or Mame).

Before I go taking off the jamma connector and testing things back there I'd like to confirm that the j-pac settings are default/normal.  Hence wanting to run the WinIpac app.
I have disabled Coin 1 and Coin2 on the i-pac ultimate board in case they were conflicting.

Can someone tell me how to view the j-pac configuration?
While I know I'm talking about 2 problems, I don't want to focus on the coin mech/jamma questions yet.  I'd simply like to know how to view my j-pac board while the uio board is also connected.