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Author Topic: [SOLVED] Help wiring the 5V IL-Lumination RGB LEDs  (Read 490 times)

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[SOLVED] Help wiring the 5V IL-Lumination RGB LEDs
« on: April 12, 2019, 09:27:55 pm »
Update: I ended up solving this simply by swapping the live and the ground terminals.  I was plugging the RGB wires into the 5v line, and the white wire into the ground.  As soon as I switched them, they lit right up.  Leaving this here on the very slim chance that it might help someone else in the future...

Hi all. I had a project that used Groovy Gear Electric Ice buttons, but they started to stick and some of the wire connections to the boards broke. Since they're out of stock, I decided to replace them with the IL PSL-L Hoku buttons from Paradise Arcade, and naturally I bought the IL-Lumination RGB LEDs to go with them.

Now, the way I wired up my Electric Ice buttons was through a Euro terminal. I bought a break-out panel for the back of my PC that I could connect one of my power supply ends to, and then bring a wire from there up to my panel which would carry the 5 volts to the terminal. I plugged one or many of the RGB wires into the hot terminals, and the grounds into the ground terminals. No big deal, it just worked.

So I got the IL-Lumination boards in, popped them in place, and proceeded to wire them up the same way. They came with ends that were obviously meant to plug into RGB driver boards, but I wanted to stick with my terminal. So I cut those driver ends off and exposed the wires and plugged them into the terminal the exact same way I had done with the Electric Ice LEDs.

Get the whole thing finished, plug it back into the power supply and I got a big fat nothing from all 14 of the IL-Lumination boards. I know the power is running fine because the six Electric Ice buttons I left, as well as the single LED I have beneath my trackball all lit up fine. But none of the new lights show any signs of life. I was using the black sockets since I figured I should use the side with the resistors, but I tried switching one to the white (non resistor) side, no difference.

There must be something I don't understand about how these work. Can anyone shed any light? I don't use all the wires so some are plugged into nothing. I mostly want red on one side, so only the red and white wires are plugged into anything, the blue and green wires are just hanging around. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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