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Author Topic: Need help with my JVC 24'' TV  (Read 324 times)

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Need help with my JVC 24'' TV
« on: February 11, 2019, 02:23:28 pm »
I need help with my JVC TV model 'LT-24DR530', I use it as monitor for my computer, since I don't have one and they're pretty expensive I decided to use this. My problem is that, as this is an old and outdated TV, it doesn't have features like PC Mode or that kind of things for HDMI (it has a pseudo 'PC Mode' that only works with VGA, useless). This basically means that whenever I plug my HDMI cable to the TV and CPU respectively, and use the TV as monitor, it gets a horrible, terrible, and unbearable (I really mean it) filter that looks very bad. I'm sure it does look good when using the TV as TV (because that's what the filter was made for) but here, as a PC.. It just won't let me read anything or see pretty much anything like it's meant to be seen. I don't wanna explain how terrible it looks because that's not really the point. The point is, that I found a solution for this, which was (after hours and hours, and days and more hours of research) opening the Service Menu (here called 'Factory Settings') and disable some features that I'm gonna write down so that you can see them (I found out which ones caused the problem after disabling every single option one by one, risking the TV's life, hehe). This made the TV (as PC) look clean, and beautiful, just like it should. Here's the real problem: whenever I do pretty much anything (that "refreshes" the TV's configuration, like turning on/off, etc.) the settings will go back to their default. This means that every, every.. EVERY TIME I turn on the TV I have to redo all this again and again and whenever I open a game, and etc. It's so annoying that I get really mad about it every time I have to do it, to be honest.
My TV's Service Mode (or Factory Settings) is enabled by pressing 'Source', and pressing 2, 5, 8, 0 afterwards. (I recently discovered by mistake a secret menu called, Expert Mode, by doing the same but pressing 2, 5, 8, 8. But anything I do there will change nothing, so that menu is useless). I really want to know how can I save the changes I make to this Service Menu so that I don't have to configure it again and again every time I turn on the TV or do any thing that refreshes it. I've tried a lot of things, even using software in my PC to make the driver think it's a DVI and make it look fine sacrificing the HDMI audio. It works but the colors look wrong and that ruins everything again.
This are the configurations that affect the filter the most (I didn't include all of them, just the ones I can remember), these reset to default every time I turn on/off the TV or open a game, etc:

Spike_NR                               ON (by default)                                                 (this one makes the letters look very bad and "cracked")
VSP_Y                                   SRAM_1_4Tap (by default)                                 (this one and all the rest, add an exaggerated anti-aliasing filter,
VSP_C                                   C_SRAM_1 (by default)                                      along with some other stuff that make it look terrible)
HSP_Y                                   SRAM_2_4Tap (by default)                                 -
HSP_C                                   C_SRAM_1 (by default)                                      -
VIP                                        ON (by default)                                                 (this, besides those filters I mentioned, also exaggerates the colors)

There are more options but they are tons so I wrote down just the important ones.
After I disable all these (or set them 'bypass') the TV looks just beautiful and clean, like a forced PC Mode.
Thanks for your help guys.