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Author Topic: wiring the laptops power button on the outside of bartop case  (Read 329 times)

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wiring the laptops power button on the outside of bartop case
« on: February 02, 2019, 04:52:56 pm »
hey guys,hows it going?

i built a micro cab years ago and kinda left it unfinished (90% done,just missing the final touches).
i never got around to doing something about the power button to turn it on.
the build uses one of those 10 inch laptops as hardware,and its a really really tight fit (had to do some serious mental tetris in order to make everything BARELY fit in the case).only problem is,the button to switch on the laptop is in a hard to reach every time i wanna turn it on i'd have to open the back,shove my hand in and blindly feel for the tiny mechanical button .not a good look

so do you have any suggestions?is there any workaround?i remember back in the day hearing something bout a keyboard macro that can turn on a computer.or is there any commercially available peripheral that acts sorta like a "power button extension chord" or something?or maybe something that makes the computer turn on the second it gets plugged into a power source?

if not,i'd probably have to solder a wire to where the physical power button was and connect it to a button or switch that i can then place in a more convenient location (basically like an extension).but i have no idea how to go about that.dont even know where to begin or what to look for .anyone had any experience with this?please help me out or at least point me in the right direction

any help would be much appreciated


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Re: wiring the laptops power button on the outside of bartop case
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2019, 05:10:14 pm »
Many BIOSes have an option to boot on power resume - basically meaning they attempt to boot the second they detect power plugged in. I'd check for that. I'm not sure how that works (it probably doesn't) if you're still using the laptop battery though.

Soldering a power extension isn't usually hard. You just need to find the two pins that are being "closed" when the button is pressed, solder two wires to those pins, and then runs those wires to an arcade button. You can test with a multimeter or something similar. Look around your power button, try "shorting" (which means connecting a wire or multimeter prongs between the two) the solder pads near it, and if the computer boots, you've found your power switch points.