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Author Topic: Fix "sent to"  (Read 645 times)

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Fix "sent to"
« on: January 24, 2019, 11:16:23 am »
One Night Ultimate Werewolf on Android - a

Werewolf is a very famous game, where you should play with a group of people. The game provides you some cards where you have to play with that main purpose of not get eliminated early. Here, the most annoying thing: disqualified. Werewolves are happy when there are many people, but it makes the game longer and if you are unlucky to be disqualified (because of being bitten or hanged by innocent people) it is fair to say that you are naive.

Get more information about Android games at the link Board game for kids.

And that is the shining opportunity of One Night Ultimate Werewolf for Android. Developed and sold by Bezier Games, the game is just like Werewolf game, but on Android. True to its name, One Night, the game takes only one night for each turn and is accompanied by characters from the Werewolf Ultimate.

How to use the app
The One Night Ultimate Werewolf app allows you to choose the characters you currently have in the game and automatically the night time narration for each of them. For example, you could choose a werewolf, the sear, the troublemaker and maybe the drunk. Then it will have the play button in the middle of the app, hit the button and the game will play the night time narration for you.

When itís done with the narration then it will go back to the home screen and you can choose a new set of roles to use for your next game.

Thereís also an option to have a game timer placing on your right hand side. If you turn on the game timer that timer will start after the narration is finished. Next, you can set any number if minutes for that time so that you know exactly how long you want your day phase to last the end of the timer. The app will tell you that itís time to vote.

To hunt more Android board games, you can visit the link Board game Android Apps.

The app also has the option to mute the background outdoor cricket noise or mute narration itself in case you just want the time or to have someone read the script and also the lone wolf option which gives you a few extra seconds in case thereís only one werewolf.

Details of the game game

During the night phase, most roles distributed between players have a secret act: they must wake up in turn and fulfill their unique property. The queue is determined either by any player (pre-selected for this), or by a counter program (a specially designed phone application). While everyone is sleeping, Werewolves, such as Masons, can search for their teammates in the best traditions of the Mafia game. Doppelganger (twin) can look at another card and become that role. Robber exchanges his card with any stranger. A trickster can change cards of two other players, in spite of them. And so on.

How to download

You simply just find its name on Google Play then download and enjoy it.

Do not hesitate to download to give a try this game right now!

If you want to seek out more Android games, you can get access the link Apk play store at Top1apk.
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Re: Fix "sent to"
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2019, 11:18:17 am »
Was it working previously? Are you on a work computer with restrictions? What is your system default email program?
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Re: Fix "sent to"
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2019, 11:27:05 am »
Errors? What version of windows? What email client are you using?


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Re: Fix "sent to"
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2019, 12:31:56 pm »
Probably it's attributable to the default associations on windows.  Your symbolic link to outlook needs looking at.  Maybe you installed a 3rd party mail app like thunderbird and erased the association.  Pretty typical.
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