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Author Topic: Joystick / Trackball suggestions  (Read 256 times)

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Joystick / Trackball suggestions
« on: January 02, 2019, 03:35:13 pm »
OK, I need help. I have 2 X-Arcades. One is a Tankstick and the other is a 2 player. Tankstick has the actuators flipped to make them 4 player sticks, and the 2 player has been left stock at 8 player. So I am covered for quite a few games in Mame. But I am greedy, and I want MORE!

Several years ago at the CCAG show in Cleveland, a friend of mine won a shell for the original Devastator control panel from Treyonics, and ended up giving it to me. Ironically enough, the guy who made it lived right around the corner from where I live now. He has since moved to Florida. Anyhow, I plan to paint it and populate it.

Left side, I am going to patch the holes, and make an Asteroids style layout (as I play it a LOT) with two extra buttons on the top left and top right. Right side, I plan to put a single joystick in for Q^Bert (and Cubes), Congo Bongo and the rest that use DIAGONAL joysticks. Spinner, I am planing on The Tornado as it already has the hole drilled for it. Still not sure on the trackball. Suggestions? Some time in the future, I also plan on adding a digital plunger and mercury tilt sensors for pinball.

OK, So basically am asking for trackball and joystick recommendations. Yes, I have a trackball on the Tankstick, but can you say Atari Football? Atari Basketball? Yes, I played both a lot as a kid, and they hold sentimental value.

As far as the sticks go, I am thinking of either an Ultra 360, or a Mag Stick Plus. As you can see in the below pic, holes are already drilled. The Million dollar question is this. If I mount the joystick properly, can I mount the 4-way restrictor plate diagonally on either the U360 or MS+, or do I have to mount the stick diagonally? Thank you in advance for your answers and opinions, and have a Happy New Year.

PS- Is there an advantage to the SpinTrak (Ultimark) or the Turbo Twist 2 (Groovy Game Gear). I really like the Tornado, as it will not need any modifications.

Mr. Peabody

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Re: Joystick / Trackball suggestions
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2019, 05:24:58 pm »

Left side, I am going to patch the holes, and make an Asteroids style layout (as I play it a LOT)...

.....use a joystick.

If you get U360s, you don't need a dedicated diagonal stick. I played Congo Bongo last night with mine and got to 44450. The map is the key.

Spin-trak and Turbo-Twist are about the same product. The Tornado, if you can find it, is a little more work in mounting. All of them (the former two with an 'energy cylinder') will spin far more than you'll need for perhaps anything. Recently playing a Tempest with a good original spinner on it gave me an appreciation for its function.

Trackball I would recommend Ultimarc or GGG. Happ blow.
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