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Author Topic: 31khz Arcade monitor with emudriver and groovymame (Sanwa 29e31s)  (Read 668 times)

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Would an expert be able to sanity check what I'm doing here.

I've a sanwa 29e31s tube/chassis for testing a "31khz only" setup. Not going to talk about the spare tri sync rodotron666 chassis,. just the sanwa with native res of 640x480.

The graphics card is a radeon 4800 and emudriver 2.0 all installed on windows 10.

1. With Arcade31KhzHiRes and user_modes.ini applied, the desktop looks great and Windows display settings offers very high resolutions of 1280x960 & 960x768 (no 640x480 in the drop down though but it's probably there under the advanced "list all modes" section).  I'm very happy with 1280x960 in the OS as it fits so much on the screen and I don't notice the interlaced flicker.

2. With Arcade31KhzHiRes and "user_modes_super.ini" applied (Super Resolutions), the desktop OS setting goes completely distorted squeezed horizontally. Windows display settings only offers super resolutions of 2560x960; 2560x800 & 2560x768 (I think, can't read them 100% on the screen). I blindly navigate into Advanced display settings then "List all modes" and there I can select 640x480 to finally see the OS desktop again with large icons.


a) Does the above sound right? Why can't I get the nice 1280x960 in the OS when I apply user-modes_super.ini?

b) Am I just wasting my time with using emudriver and groovymame on a 31Khz Arcade screen and instead is it recommend to go 640x480@60 for everything? I must say that when I ran street fighter in groovymame as a test, it ran a super resolution like 2560x446@60hz and with scanlines enabled it looked very like it does on the 15Khz hantarex. Is this only in my mind?

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