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Author Topic: List HELP ATTRACT MODE .78 DATu5 With Neo Geo /.XML not Alphabetized .zip names?  (Read 726 times)

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I'm basically using MAME 0.78u5 'Lite' DAT File: mame2003-lr-lite - Working romsets only. Does not include: clones, NeoGeo, PlayChoice NES/multiplay, romsets with rotary/dial/trackball/lightgun controls, or romsets classified as casino/quiz/mahjong/fruit_machines/rhythm/mature.

The .dat is here from github: (again mine also includes neogeo though)

That .78u5 which is exactly the games I want however I also want it to INCLUDE NEOGEO. I hand added them back in right now I'm at about 1600 games or so. When I load up Attract Mode all the games appear, they all play as they should but they aren't in perfect alphabetical order, most are somewhat right but as an example atetris .zip name shows up on the list within the "a's" so on etc... The game names aren't correct it's showing the MAME .zip file names. I've placed in an .xml and for whatever reason I don't think Attract Mode cares about that file or I'm just not pointing to it properly, although it's within the roms folder. Also to note that within Emulation Station my MAME file names GAME LIST appears as it should ; they are in order, they are alphabetized & show the games names etc. However I plan on placing it into an arcade cabinet and I'm using MAME .78 in conjunction with mame2003 with a modified rom list of about 1600 games which I think are ample / suitable for this build.

Again when in Attract Mode which this is the main thing which I will be using within the cabinet the games all work and launch etc which is great, my MAME Wheels show up mainly in the correct order however on the bottom it's showing the .zip file names. How do I correct my customized list using MAME in attract mode with alphabetizing the list and having the game names display properly as the actual game names & not their zip file games. Again the games all launch play as they should it's minor but I'd really like to correct it.

**EDIT Fixed using this issue thanks to the thread over @ Attract Mode forum :
hope this helps others with this issue.
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