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Author Topic: Custom Slim Arcade Cabinet + Dedicated Ms Pac Man Cabinet $1,500 South Florida  (Read 1062 times)

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Slim Arcade up for sale

Up for sale is my slim arcade machine.  I am hoping someone from this forum is interested in the machine.  It is well built but needs some TLC.  It is plug in and play but could also be tinkered to further customize.  Here are the specs:

•   3.1 GHz i3-2100 processer
•   8GB of Ram
•   GTX 750 Ti Graphics Card
•   256 GB SSD HDD for OS
•   3 TB HDD
•   2 TB HDD
•   Front DVD Player
•   Coin up buttons
•   Volume Control Knob
•   One Button on and off
•   25 Inch LCD monitor
•   6 Button layout  with 2 side buttons for pinball and two mouse buttons on the bottom for navigation
•   Trackball
•   Console Controller ports on the side of control panel(these may need to be configured in the emulators)
o   2 Nintendo Entertainment System (“NES”) Controller Ports
o   2 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (“SNES”) Controller Ports
o   2 Nintendo N64 Controller Ports
o   2 Nintendo Gamecube Controller
o   The NES, SNES, and Gamecube Ports are all from Raphnet the N64 are MadCatz I believe
o   USB ports available on side of control Panel
•   Diamond Bright base

This is about 4 to 5 years old but some of the components are newer, like the graphics card and harddrives.

ROMs not included.

This is a good system for someone on this forum because it can be plug in and play.  However, there is also a lot of stuff to tinker with, like the controller port configurations.

Here is a short FAQ

Q: Why are you selling?
A: No real need at the time but in a few years I am planning on a new build.

Q: Do all the components work?
A: Yes all the components work.

Q: Does this need any work?
A: There are always things that you can tinker with.  You will need to tinker with the console controls.  In some instances they can act as P1 and P2, other times they can act as P3 and P4 ini conjunction with the arcade controls.  I was thinking of writing a script that would dictate how they function on each game launch but never got around to it.  Cleaning, touch up paint, and other minor adjustments can be made if you are OCD.  This is a great cabinet for someone who wants a custom cabinet but is not committed to the time and cost of building one from scratch. 

Please PM me for more info. 

I am also throwing in my MS Pac man machine.  I always liked played that game on a dedicated cabinet.  The Ms Pac Man is what I cll a fraken-pac machine because it is a original pac man cabinet, with a junior pac man CP and a ms pac man marquee.  The pac man machine runs but it is rough around the edges

Asking $1,500.00 for the Mame machine and Pac Man Machine.  I am in West Palm Beach, Florida.

I also have these things available for free (I will continue updating them as I find more stuff).  Just post below to claim them and send me a PM with your mailing address.

4 PCB Feet

4 computer screws (3 packs total).  I think these are either to mount a power source or a 3.5 in drive.

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Bump price lowered.


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Probably not a good way to get this shipped cost effectively - I imagine?  (Just the slim, the Ms Pac Man I don't really want)