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Author Topic: Big Buck Hunter Pro (2006) - Monitor Help - All working otherwise  (Read 890 times)

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Hi all,

I'm brand new to this forum and well, brand new to the world of arcade game ownership. I recently obtained a Big Buck Hunter Pro machine from a bar that closed down.

I can tell through the troubleshooting I've done, that everything seems to work except I am getting no power or signal to the CRT monitor inside. It does appear that someone has already been in there mucking with the main and sub PCB boards that connect to the monitor, so a couple connections have been pulled. I decided to post here instead of the monitor forum as I'm not yet sure if it's the monitor tube itself that I need to look into.

I'm wondering if this is simply some reconnecting, a power supply/PCB board replacement or if I need to explore replacing the monitor itself. If anyone could advise on next steps given the below, I'd be very grateful! Let me know if there's any additional info I can provide.

Monitor Model: Samsung A68QCP693x200
Big Buck Hunter Pro Arcade (2006 model I believe)

What works:
- The computer and all it's outputs
- The game: Software, HD, etc. appears fully functional.
- JAMMA Board: Video outputs the entire game video from the video output when connected to an external LCD monitor. All LEDs light up.
- Service Button Panel (the one in the coin slot housing that has Test, Service, Vol +/-): I can tell it will put game into different modes and adjust volume.
- The Kortec "remote" (the tiny : Green LED lights up and all appears connected
- Both start buttons light up and function
- Both guns register both reload and trigger (but do not show a "dot" of course when I connect to my external LCD monitor. Screen just blinks confirming triggers are registering
- All audio connections and speakers output fine
- All fans
- All power (except I'm not sure if there's another power supply for monitor I don't know about)

What doesn't work:
- CRT Monitor: No signal on the monitor at all. No glow on rear of tube. aka no power to it it seems.
- Marquee light: No light behind the marquee (unsure if it's supposed to light up)

What I've noticed (seen in pics below):
- There's no "glow" going on at the monitor tube end - aka there's not power to it or it's broken.
- There are two "prongs" seen in pics on back of tube that aren't wired to anything. Are those supposed to be connected to something? Almost looks like wires cut but I'm not familiar.
- There is a small PCB and a larger "controller" PCB that lead to the monitor tube itself (not sure what these are called). There are a couple missing connections b/t the two.
- There is a loose grounding wire - I don't know where it connects
- No obvious burnt components on either. All connections except for one or two that can be seen in the pics are connected.

See comments in the following photos.
FULL ALBUM (includes more pics not shown below):

If you have a solution or next steps, please let me know!

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