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Author Topic: Help to make a Arcade Stick please? and How I can make a "Different Arcade Stick  (Read 637 times)

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  • I want to build my own arcade controls!

I'm want to make a Arcade Stick but I'm Thinking to use a Xbox 360 board.To play on(PC/Switch/Xbox)

But I can use the analog part, to move?(I really need to know, if I can't I gonna probably give up the project.)

Because games like smash bros, you can't walk with the arrows.

I gonna put keyboard keys to use as the "arcade stick crank" to move.

I know "already exist" the mixbox the arcade the "same way" what I want. But the arrows is 90 degrees, normaly I play with my L-hand 35 degrees, and the mixbox it's verry unconfortable for me.That's why I want to make the mine.

I need some help to know how I can use the xbox analog for move on the arcade, and how I can put the keyboard keys to move.

I'm very very newbie on the subbject sry.

Sorry about my bad english. I'm from Brazil.
Thanks for you attetion


Buy Links?:

I thinking to buy:

Arcade Buttons

Nintendo Switch Adapter

Xbox Controller

Or This one:

Other Xbox Controller

Switch's maybe?, or this one Another Switch

If I gonna buy only the Switchers I gonna buy the Keyboard Buttons(I don't know the fitting this, but I can buy this Another One, couse in the image is the same fittting of the switchs).


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The problem you will have with this project will be the Analogue stick part.

Most joysticks are make or break which do not allow for fine adjustments of the stick or precision movement. (for instance walking to running or walking at 35degrees etc)

They are fine for fighting games but not for general use of 3D games.

You can buy sticks that will allow that sort of movement but they can be expensive.


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Analog console games translate terribly to arcade controls, you will never be happy with the results. A modern dual analog, quad shoulder, with 13 more inputs just cant map to an arcade panel, and since almost every game tries to use ALL of that, modern console games just don't map to arcade controls.

I used the Xbox 360 pad on my desk as a reference. Broken down to simplest form it has 6 analog axis, and 15 buttons.
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