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Author Topic: Help to make a Arcade Stick please? and How I can make a "Different Arcade Stick  (Read 334 times)

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  • I want to build my own arcade controls!
I'm want to make a Arcade Stick but I'm Thinking to use a Xbox 360 board.To play on(PC/Switch/Xbox)

But I can use the analog part, to move?(I really need to know, if I can't I gonna probably give up the project.)

Because games like smash bros, you can't walk with the arrows.

I gonna put keyboard keys to use as the "arcade stick crank" to move.

I know "already exist" the mixbox the arcade the "same way" what I want. But the arrows is 90 degrees, normaly I play with my L-hand 35 degrees, and the mixbox it's verry unconfortable for me.That's why I want to make the mine.

I need some help to know how I can use the xbox analog for move on the arcade, and how I can put the keyboard keys to move.

I'm very very newbie on the subbject sry.

Sorry about my bad english. I'm from Brazil.
Thanks for you attetion


Buy Links?:

I thinking to buy:

Arcade Buttons

Nintendo Switch Adapter

Xbox Controller

Or This one:

Other Xbox Controller

Switch's maybe?, or this one Another Switch

If I gonna buy only the Switchers I gonna buy the Keyboard Buttons(I don't know the fitting this, but I can buy this Another One, couse in the image is the same fittting of the switchs).


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