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Author Topic: Touchups  (Read 414 times)

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« on: November 15, 2017, 02:14:31 pm »

 Hello All

 When I was in the Pinball restoration hobby... I was told that using Enamels would not be good,  if you wanted to use Automotive clearcoat... as the clearcoat would cause them to lift / dissolve.

 I thus then went into fixing areas with acrylics.  Problem with them... is that they are often dull / matt.. do not easily mix/blend... and matching certain colors can be a bit tricky to boot.   Flow can be erratic... making fine lines a real challenge.

 Then I heard an even worse quip...  that if you mix too much water into your Acrylics... the binder will be too weak... and in a few years,  it will crack, lift, and peel.   Ive seen cracking from heat + old lacquer / clear under inserts... and its not very nice looking...   so if thats any indication,  its best to avoid that potential.

 Then I heard about Acrylic additives,  that you mix into them,  to give them unique properties... such as:

 - Smoother Flow
 - Translucency
 - Matt or Gloss Shine
 - Longer Dry times
 - Ability to mix/blend with other colors already on the canvas  (for a certain amount of time).

 Ive yet to test these yet.

 Thats said...  Ive also been looking into other natural media art supplies.   There is one of interest to me... and that is the INKTENSE blocks / colored pencils.   These use a very high quality ink based pigment.  Just a small dab of water,  will go a LONG way with these.

 They can be used to draw with,  and or with water,  to create a watercolor like painting.   A typical watercolor,  even after it dries.. will still be able to be lifted and mixed... because water will reactivate the paint.   But... the Ink based Inktense... once completely dried,  supposedly will not lift again.    This then allows you to go in and add more and more layers of paint on top of your previous work.

 I started to think...  the original Playfield was screen printed with inks...  so maybe such an alternative,  might be interesting to try for touchups.   Im not sure how well it would do,  with auto-clears.  Also,  available colors are probably limited.

 Then again... I think the paint used on the fields,  is an acrylic based ink...  based on a recent hack video that used screen printing ink,  for a different purpose.

 Anyways... just made the connections in my mind... and thought Id toss them out there to others to experiment with...


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