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Author Topic: Maximus 2.10 & MAME 1.83 working- Noob advice from a noob  (Read 2015 times)

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Maximus 2.10 & MAME 1.83 working- Noob advice from a noob
« on: March 29, 2017, 10:29:12 am »
Let me start by saying that I am Mac person by nature but went with the PC for my cabinet build because there seem to be more resources out there.  So, after hacking my way around Windows for a few days, I think I got the hang of it.  Installed Maximus (MA) and began adding my emu’s. 

Instead of telling you what did NOT work, I’m just going to go straight into exactly what I did that ended up working (glad to answer additional questions anytime).  I spent MANY hours sifting through forums finding all the right answers, and thank you all who do contribute.  I realized there appears to be no single correct set of instructions applicable to everyone in one place.  So this may not work for you, but it does point out a few obscure things I came across that were necessary.  (and I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, I’m writing this assuming people that need it are novice in this field as I was/still am). 

Hardware/software: Dell Optix 780 PC, Windows 10, 64bit, no internet connection.  Maximus 2.10, MAME 1.83 (other emu’s that are not MAME/MESS seemed to be much easier to set up in MA fyi- Playstation, Atari 2600/5200, Sega).

*Even though I had MAME itself running fine with all ROMs, I still could not get the majority of them up in MA.  And you should always run the Emu first outside of MA to get it working properly.   

First and foremost, download and run ClrMamePro and the corresponding ROM set “.dat” file (from  I also found this YouTube video fairly straight forward on how to use it; 
IMPORTANT- MA doesn’t read “merged sets”.  I had to re-run it leaving it set on “split sets”.  The result is now your main ROM set/folder, also where you ‘point’ MA.

*Instead or rewriting what Saltbee has put together, go here:,146834.msg1527749.html#msg1527749
and follow the article.  It was a lifesaver, seriously.  Especially opening the ‘mame.ini’ file with Notepad and noting the ROM path needed to be changed.  It’s on the first line or so of the code, should be noticeable.  **PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO STEPS 1-5 in configuring MA!!  The .dat file referenced in Step 3 is the one you downloaded from progetto and linked the ClrMamePro rebuild to.   

A few other things I did, whether they made a difference or not, I do not know.  Maybe they were just part of the right formula.

-I deleted the game.lst files every time I tried something.  It is in a MA preferences folder under MAME.  You can also delete them from the configuration tab in MA.
-Made MA an Admin on the computer (read I should somewhere).  You do this by right-clicking on the MA exe file and go under program info. 
-Always ‘force rescan’ when you try something new (setting in MA). 
-Unchecked the ‘brackets’ field in rescan.
-Scan path is set to ‘long’.

I still have some work to do;
-Finish cabinet.
-Trim down games and make a favorites list, (saw some forums posts about that)
-Can I “disable non-working games” in MA without mucking things up?
-Still getting “error; failed to open file for load operation” on some.  But I do not care because games still loads and plays!
-Want to change the MA theme and complete adding snaps and vids. 

But everything from what I see is up and running!  And THANK YOU to all that have contributed across the NUMEROUS forums I scavenged.     



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