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Author Topic: groovy game geamr swiches  (Read 2318 times)

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groovy game geamr swiches
« on: December 23, 2013, 01:14:28 am »
so i ordered my LED buttons like 2 months ago from eBay, and they are really nice and all but, the switches that came with them are soo hard, really not comfortable at all,
so for my zippy arcade sticks which i will write a review later i added the Groovy Standard Soft-Touch switches,
a couple of days ago i get them in the mail and what can i tell you.. they're soo much better !
first of all, they are really soft, when i touched them at first without connecting them to the buttons i thought they are awful because you feel like your not pressing anything..
but when i connected them to the buttons the press feel perfact ! like it always should be.
they are just a bit noisy, but still it's like a third of the noise the others made and with the wood i will never be able to hear it,
and surprisingly, they are allot more easy to put on the buttons then the cheaper ones from eBay,
i know it's a bit (depending on your budget) expansive they cost me around 13 $ with an additional 7 $ for the shipping alone , for 16 switches,
and i thought it wasn't worth the money when i bought them, but immediately after i got them i think they worth every penny.

everyone here loves game gear andy and all, i personally didn't had such a good experience with him, but i think their store is the best one for arcade out there on the web,
and i really suggest for everyone to buy from their site.

* exactly the same feeling as the arcade games !!!
* clicks to place really easily
* better quality then the factory made ones
* feel amazing !!!

* a bit noisy but just a bit
* all the switches came with a cheap bag so some of them got a bit twisted but it's ok i just curved it back to place
* it would be great it they looked a bit better (like other color or something) because they look like the factory ones
* a bit expansive (with whipping 20$ for 16 switches)

great switches so much better then the stock ones, yea if they were cheaper and look better they were a catch,
at their price range i think they are really nice, and justify it well , i wouldn't buy the more expansive switches
toughs work perfectly well .
i really recommend them for everyone building a something that needs switches .

overall 8/10


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Re: groovy game geamr swiches
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2014, 12:27:28 am »
I have the soft touch switches in my Electric Ice 2 buttons, they are nice.