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Author Topic: CD audio sound in Daytona USA Deluxe or Sega Rally PC Games - SOLVED  (Read 2472 times)

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I set up a few old games that required the CD for audio and thought I'd share my autohotkey script for mounting the CD image.
This method uses Daemon Tools Lite 4
I try to make my scripts as simple as possible, so I've taken some shortcuts rather than use the command lines for Daemon Tools.

After you have Daemon Tools installed, re-arrange your drive letters in windows so that the virtual drive is letter D:\
(not going to walk through this, google it!)
Back then, the CD drive was always D, so some of the games don't bother to look anywhere else.

Next, we need to make a disc image. 
Insert your game CD and click the Make Disc Image button (the picture of the CD with the floppy disc in front of it).
Change the destination folder to the game's folder and make sure the extension is .mdx
Click start and wait for the disc image to be created.
After that's done, remove the real game CD from the real CD drive.

Here is the shortcut part.
In DT-Lite, under preferences (the gear icon)>Integration, make sure the box is checked for MDX file association.
Now instead of having to enter a command line to mount the virtual CD, you should only have to click on it.

Now it's time for the AHK script.  I always keep my AHK scripts in the same folder as the game so I don't have to specify the full path.
Then I make a shortcut to the AHK script that I can drag anywhere and point the front-end to. 

Here is my script for Sega Rally (again, this needs to be in the same folder as Srally.mdx and Rally.exe to work since the full path is not specified)
Code: [Select]
Run, Srally.mdx

sleep, 6000 ; if it asks you to insert the CD increase this time

Run, RALLY.exe


I could have had it unmount the virtual CD, but didn't for the sake of keeping it stupid simple.  :P
The virtual disc won't bother anything AS LONG AS YOU HAVE AUTOPLAY TURNED OFF IN WINDOWS.
(google how to turn autoplay off)

Daytona USA Deluxe throws another wrench into the works if you have installed the D3D patch.
It has a box pop up asking you to press enter to select D3D.
So here is my script for that:
Code: [Select]

sleep, 6000 ; if it asks you to insert the CD increase this time

Run, DAYTONA USA Deluxe.exe

sleep, 100 ; if you haven't installed the D3D patch, delete this line

send, {ENTER} ; if you haven't installed the D3D patch, delete this line


I may revisit it at another time to see if we can hide the "mounting disc" popup, but there it is in its simplest form.

As a side note, I've never been able to get Sega Rally Revo working with a no DVD crack.
The alternate exe from shady places on the web  will not work if you have daemon tools installed.
Being the only game that I still needed a disc for, I'd resolved to leaving it in the drive if I wanted it on my cab.
Oddly enough, a virtual disc using the above method works.  :lol
Sure it's taking up twice as much space on my hard drive now, but it's MORE Sega Rally!  :applaud:

EDIT: Doesn't seem to be a way to exit Sega Rally without using the mouse. 
Adding these lines before ExitApp will kill it when you press escape. (if you need to navigate the options menu and back, which would require pressing the escape key, launch the game through the normal exe, not the ahk script)
Process, close, RALLY.exe
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