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Author Topic: Virtuality VR Systems - collecting info and software  (Read 2099 times)

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Virtuality VR Systems - collecting info and software
« on: May 20, 2013, 10:48:36 am »
Hi Guys.

I am looking for all kinds of information / software / hardware on the Virtuality VR systems.
I currently own two SU2000 unit (one DUO, one SOLO) and an SU3000 unit.

I recently purchased a box of various replacement parts and software.
Also I documented some stuff I figured out over here.

Currently I'm trying to clarify a few things.


  • Pac Man VR
    It seems there are at least two different versions of the game in existance.
    I got one labeled "pre release" which won't start on the SU3000 claiming it can't find the video subsystem.
    The same "pre release" version starts fine on the SU2000 units, however all I see on screen is garbage (unsupported video mode?!)
    So there seems to be a different version for the SU3000. (various sources claim so)

  • SU2000E
    Various config tools and documents seem to talk about SU2000, SU2000E and SU3000 systems.
    As far as I can tell, the original SU2000 unit was 486 based, using one or two (SOLO/DUO) PIX1000/VID1000 (ISA) and FORMAT-C boards.
    Some units have been upgraded with Pentium based PCs.

    The SU2000E seems to use one PIX2000 (PCI) and one MMC board.
    This setup is usually refered as "Total Recoil"-System

    The SU3000 seems to use two PIX2000 (PCI) boards and one MMC board.
    This setup is usually refered as "SU3000" or "Zero Hour"-System.

  • Back-Compatiblity
    The guy I bought my SU3000 unit from claimed he played the SU2000 games on it.
    I honestly can't see how to configure the system to be backward compatible.
    The HDD in the SU3000 at least contained a copy of Pac Man VR, which doesn't start "out of the box".

    There are also various batch files to switch between the Space Joystick 2000, the Arcade Rifle, and the Winchester Recoil Gun.

  • System Software
    All units I own have DOS 6.22 and a various tools (ETS, SP and others). Are there actually Setup Discs/CDs for those units?


  • Tech Docs
    I'm searching for all kinds of user manuals and technical documents.
    I currently got the SU2000 user guide and the SU2000 technical manual.
    I suspect these also exist for 1000CS/SU, 1000SD, SD2000 and SU3000 units.

  • Software
    While this one most likely may cause some problems with copyright, I still ask for any kind of software for those units.

    I currently got:
    - Boxing
    - Buggy Ball
    - Dactyl Nightmare SP
    - Dactyl Nightmare 2: Race for the eggs.
    - Ghost Train
    - Missile Command VR
    - Pac Man VR "pre release" (seems to be SU2000 version)
    - Shoot for Loot
    - Total Recoil
    - X-treme Strike
    - Zero Hour (SU2000E version)
    - Zone Hunter

    I am missing:
    - Pac Man VR (SU2000E / SU3000 version - it one exists)
    - Sphere
    - Zero Hour (SU3000 version - if one exists)
    - The whole 1000 series software (Amiga 3000 based)

This one may be the worst point of all .)

I am searching for all kind of Virtuality related hardware.

  • So far I got
    • FORMAT_C
       01x Rev C
       11x Rev D

    • MMC
       01x Rev ?

    • Polhemus InsideTrak
       04x Rev A4
       05x Rev B
       01x Rev B.4 (wtf... forum text filter?!)

    • PIX1000
       09x 40MHz OSC
       01x 50MHz OSC

    • PIX2000
       01x Rev ?

    • VID1000
       01x "Prototype" - loads of hand wired connections
       01x "Production"

    • SU2000 Pod
       01x Master Pod (FORMAT_D, Distribution Box for Slave Unit)

    • SU2000E/SU3000 Pod
       01x Pod (MMD)

    • Video Buffer Board
       01x Rev ?

  • Searching for
    • PIX2000 boards
       at least one :)

    • SU2000 Pods
       01x Master Pod
       02x Slave Pod

    • MICNET Operator Control Box
       at least one :)
« Last Edit: May 20, 2013, 10:51:36 am by SailorSat »
I do all that stuff even without a Joystick ;)
Soft-15kHz, cabMAME, For Amusement Only e.V.


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Re: Virtuality VR Systems - collecting info and software
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2013, 05:18:48 pm »
Ask Arby and the folks at MAMEWorld, I bet they know a bunch.


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Re: Virtuality VR Systems - collecting info and software
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2014, 11:20:47 pm »
hey i am trying to sell a SU 2000 master and slave set

let me know if you are still looking!!


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Re: Virtuality VR Systems - collecting info and software
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2018, 04:12:29 am »
Hello, do you still own Shoot For Loot? If so, could you please contact me? I would like to have a conversation about the preservation of the title for a museum project.